How to Stop getting Depressed on Valentines Day

Happy Valentines cute 1940's vintage card

When Valentines day is just around the corner!  it can be a depressing time, whether you have a loved one or not!…Some of you are lucky enough to have a partner who remembers this occasion every year and smothers you in chocolates, cards and pressies! (Please share him with us all! lol!) But for most of us, that just is NOT the case!…So to avoid that horrible feeling of being TOTALLY depressed on this special day…Let’s plan ahead!

1930's cute kids and doggy valentines card


Right peeps…we have exactly 2 weeks before the BIG day…so start putting a little money away for yourself now…if you have a big bank balance ignore this step! If you put a few things on Ebay that you no longer need or save a little in other ways by taking your own lunch to work and a flask of your own coffee (have you seen the price of a standard takeout coffee these days! Yikes!) all this will be well worth it when you have saved a few extra pounds!

vintage cat and hearts valentines card


OK so it’s not rocket science…but that little bit of money that you have saved!…Well my lovelies…You can now buy yourself a little (or BIG) Valentine’s Pressie because whether you have a partner that dotes on you or not…You are a WONDERFUL LOVELY person and Valentine’s day is a day for LOVE…Whether you are celebrating a love of a partner or the LOVE of yourself…we all deserve a gift for being so FABULOUS don’t we!…and hey! we have a bit of extra cash in the bank that we saved last week to spend on ourselves hahaha! Thank heavens we planned ahead! I have already checked out my pressies  lol…so much wonderment on offer on the net!..I just couldn’t resist!1950's vintage valentine card


Remember to wrap your pressie up all nicely…this is very important!…no leaving it in a carrier bag, only not to be able to find it on Valentines morning!  Remember to pick out a nice card too…to acknowledge the love of yourself for being such a fantastic person…us Brits don’t do this often enough!…Remember you are a lovely person and YOU deserve a big fat card too!…Put your pressie and card away where you will find it on Valentines morning…say in your bedside drawer or next to the kettle and just ignore it.

you suit me to a tea vintage cup and saucer valentine card


Now for the fun bit…after all your prep, now is the time to remember where you left your special pressie to yourself…make yourself a nice cup of tea with some special biscuits or choccies…even if you are working that day, make sure you set the alarm for at least half an hour earlier! Take your tea and biscuits along with your pressie and card to your favourite place to sit.

And Remember the fact that you are a very SPECIAL Person and you have bought this gift for yourself on Valentines Day because you deserve it for being Beautiful inside and out!

I promise you, that you will feel so much better…you can even have a little fun with the card and put that it is from your secret admirer or Guess who! 😉roses and hearts doggy vintage valentines card ephemera


Back in the day, people used to send Valentine’s cards to their relatives and friends, so if you know anyone else that is on their own…send them a card too and put Guess Who or from your Secret Admirer…then it all becomes a bit of fun and takes the doom and gloom away if you don’t usually receive anything…Also it’s very funny if you do have a partner that just can’t be bothered! get your friends to send you a card from Guess who…or send one to yourself…that will put the cat amongst the pigeons lol!

Have you any fun ideas for Valentines Day?
Leave a comment below, I’d love to hear them.

Have a great week

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