Buying a New Forever Home for Mum

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Buying a New Forever Home for Mum

I am currently in the process of buying a new forever home for Mum over here in Kent near me! We feel it is just the right time to do it now, as she is getting less mobile and doesn’t really like to drive anymore…

She has always had things to do over in London, as she used to run a WHSmith’s Retirement group and organised the many outings for all the members…we have been on lots of trips to the Theatre and days out to the Norfolk broads and Stately Homes etc! she always used to organise a good day out, even if the weather wasn’t all that good, we all used to have a laugh on the coach singing old songs and having a good ‘ole chat…

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Once she decided that she didn’t have the energy to run the club anymore (no-one else wanted to run it either!)…the club disbanded.  She thought that she might get a few invites out, from the members, but she hasn’t…so the more we weighed up the pros and cons…we both decided it would be better for her to live nearer to us…

Freddy could pop round to her on his scooter, Rosie would be able to visit her everyday and I would be able to be her carer…so its a win win situation!

So…we have been looking at properties…Mum wants a ground floor flat or bungalow and I have been spending every moment of my spare time, arranging appointments…some Estate Agents are better than others…but I’ll give you all the low down when we have finished the process!

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Also! gone are the days when you told the buyer your offer…and sat a while, biting your nails all off, while you too and fro’d your offer…No! These days, it’s all ‘sealed bids’ and ‘Offers Over’! It’s very skullduggery!

Have you any hints or tips on buying a property these days?

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