How to Create a Child Friendly Garden

child friendly garden

Kids love gardens. They are spacious enough to play in, and they can also help their imaginations run wild. However, before your kids can be let out in a garden, it needs to be made child-friendly. Gardens can easily become dangerous for children, especially if they are left untended. Creepy crawlies can enter your outdoor areas, and weeds with thorns can swiftly take over. And that sounds far from an idyllic garden in which your kids can play! Want to make a child-friendly garden? Here’s how.

Keep Lawns Mowed

This point is especially important during the summer when all the grass in your garden will grow super quick. You need to mow the lawn at least once a week to keep it trim. Kids can trip up easily in long grass and hurt themselves. If your lawn is well-maintained, you’re greatly reducing the chance of any tears! But you should also mow the lawn to make sure no creatures make their homes in long, overgrown grass.

Add A Playhouse

You can find many playhouses in toy shops these days. And they won’t empty your bank balance! Kids will love their own small playhouse that they can use as their very own space. If you already have a sunroom, they might already be trying to take that over! So it is a good idea to get them a playhouse so that they have somewhere to play while you and your partner take some time out in the sunroom.

Make Sure Everything Is Well-Contained

You will need barriers around the borders of your garden. This is very practical, as you can easily see where your land ends and your neighbour’s garden begins. But it will also prevent your kids from escaping! Hedges are a great way to line your boundaries. However, they will need to be often pruned. If you want a low maintenance option, go for Fence Panels.

Cover Ponds

If you have kids running around in your garden, don’t be tempted to add a pond anywhere. These can be dangerous for small children, who might end up falling in. But what should you do if you move into a home that already has a pond in the garden? There is a very simple solution – cover it up. If you use mesh to cover it, your kids will be kept safe, and you can still enjoy the beauty of the pond.

Pick Plants Carefully

The plants you plant will need to be robust in case your kids trample all over them. They should also be free from any thorns so that your kids do not harm themselves while playing. Some plants, such as foxgloves and rhubarb leaves, are poisonous so should be kept out of a family garden. You should also try to set aside a small patch that the children can use to grow their own plants. This will get them into gardening at a young age and give them a good hobby. They’ll love showing visitors their own gardening work!

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