Open Plan Living and Laminate Flooring

With our pending move, I have been looking at a lot of new ways to decorate....and something that tempts me very much is all this open plan living milarkie, the thought of having a kitchen and living area all in an open space really appeals to me...especially as well, that my hubby is in a wheelchair now, permanently! getting around for him will be so much easier, no nasty doors to tackle!
I have also been having a look around for laminate flooring hoping desperately to find a place that has it already, but also checking out the latest trends in colours...I suppose I would pick a lighter flooring as I am a fan of the white wall look, so bleached floors seem so much more apealing to me... 
 Decorating with our pretty french enamel and english rose pictures is something that I am looking forwards too...overcluttering this cottage is going to be a thing of the past for the Happy Harris's!  We are hoping to find a bright and light home and decorate with a few pretty know, so that you can see them...not so that they are all buried behind a cornucopia of clutter!
They more clutter I get rid of the better I am head does not seem to be so fuggled!
I have started to imagine myself in a whitewashed studio creating and making items for our new fresh ideas that have come from a de-fuggled brain!
Oh yes I am loving the idea of open planned, white walls and the laminated flooring look!
I just hope we can find that place sooner rather than later!

Are you  fan of Open Plan Living and Laminated Fooring?
Do share your decorating Loves with us!

Getting Clever with Upholstery Fabric

I love making things and creating using all kinds of materials and one of my favourites is upholstery fabric. This fabric has several advantages over other kinds of fabric. It is strong and durable, which means that you always get good results and what you make lasts. Plus, of course, you can easily pick up off cuts at low prices.

Here are a few fun projects for you to try if you have some upholstery fabric lying around or see some for sale in a local store. Most of these projects I have tried, others are ideas from friends and blogs that I follow. They are all relatively easy which means that you can do them in an evening or on a Saturday morning.

Purses and wallets

The durability of this kind of fabric makes it perfect for making a wallet. You will need some card to glue the fabric too. The good thing about this project is that you can make your wallet just using glue so there is no need to get the sewing machine out. Although if you do sew you have the option of using two layers of fabric instead of using card, which I feel produces better results.

A simple shopping bag

This fabric is strong so it is excellent material for making reusable shopping bags. Just remember to double stitch the base seam and where the handle attaches to the body of the bag. If you have good sewing skills you can make nice handbags out of this type of fabric.
Cover a book
You can also cover a hardback book using this kind of fabric. It works well for those who still keep a personal diary in written format.

Soft toys

The fact that this kind of fabric is durable yet soft means it is great for making soft toys. Choose a plain fabric and use buttons for eyes and you can make any type of soft toy you like and do so quickly. For this project try to use fabric that can be put in the washing machine.

New cushion covers

Making cushion covers from this type of fabric always produces good results. If you do not use piping and opt for poppers instead of a zip, all you need to be able to do is to sew in straight lines, so they are a great project for someone who is new to sewing.

A new tablecloth

Another straight-line sewing project is a tablecloth or table runner. This kind of project works best with lighter fabrics, but if you have a wooden table you want to protect when not in use heavier fabrics are a better option.

Easy furniture makeover

Ok I know this is a bit obvious, but I could not ignore this option. Recovering a dining room chair or footrest is an easy project that can be done with some simple pieces of kit. Recovering a dining room chair is a good starter project. You just need to cut the fabric to the right size, stretch it over the seat and staple it into place one side at a time. There are some great videos to show you exactly how to do it on YouTube.

As you can see upholstery fabric has a lot of potential. Have a hunt around and try one of these projects to see what I mean.


 Well, it is at that time in my life where things are going to have to change...we are going to have to move! this house is no longer a Happy House...I have divorced myself from it already...the love has completely gone for many bad things have happened of late that I feel it is time to move on. So I am getting rid of a lot of my clutter to prepare for a house move.

As most of you know, we are renting, which makes it easier and quicker to get the ball rolling! but I have to find the right house this time, one that we will want to live in forever, so the search might take a little longer...I did want to move to Norfolk at one point, but have now decided to stay put in Kent because that is where our children are and I couldn't bare to be far away from them.

The next place has to be all on one level as my hubby can no longer weight bare on his legs, he has been bed bound since Christmas, apart from a couple of days out here and there! you can imagine morale is very low here! 
 So the decluttering process has started once more, but this time it is serious, because in order for my hubby to have a better quality of life we must have more room for him to get about in his wheelchair... to be able to have access to a bathroom and to be able to get out in the know the kinds of things we all take for granted in our own homes.

At the moment I am at that stage where everything is a mess...that's why I have not blogged in a while...apart from the fact I am still so blooming depressed at the unfairness of it all!

Anyways chin up aye!

I have become closer to my Mum, we have worked things out and decided to put the past behind us and look to the future, this way I am able to go over to her home to get a break and spend some quality time with her...she is the reason actually why I am getting better at decluttering, she told me that she loves me and that she is proud of me, and that I don't need all the clutter around me anymore because I have her love to replace it...and that is all I needed to start the process.
I have got rid of 10 black sacks of clothing, I was taking it to the charity shop but did a detour to the Cash for Clothes Warehouse! and bagged myself £20.50! I felt a bit guilty, so I have been taking bric-a-brac to the Charity shops promising myself not to buy any of it back :)

I am also accumulating hoards of things for a Boot Sale this coming weekend, I was going to do it yesterday, but a lack of tables (remember I gave everything away at my last bootfair including tables ~ silly me!) proved a big dilema!

Right so after all that dribble...Just updating you all!

Yes my Big White Cheltenham Sable Caravan is now FOR SALE
I was going to do it up...but how life changes!

It is a little worse for ware...there is some damp on one of the seats...which also needs a new seat pad and it needs a good clean...inside and out (it has lived under out big tree) but other than that it would make a lovely craft room, business adventure, getaway for someone.

If you are interested in it please email me with a serious bid to purchase it...

I hope all my Friends of Happy Loves Rosie are well
Love to you all.