Creating the Perfect Kitchen for your Needs

3 steps to the perfect kitchen

What makes a kitchen perfect? In my eyes, there are a few things to look at…It needs to be attractive yet practical, it also needs to be easy to clean and safe.  Now, you might be wondering why I’m asking this question?  Well, several years ago, older readers of this blog may remember that we decided to tweak our kitchen a bit with vintage french enamel worktops and covered the kitchen doors with white sticky backed plastic!  Hell! we even decoupaged the fridge and it was all because the kitchen was too generically thrown together for the rental market…in other words it was boring! and was totally NOT to our taste!

I am talking about our little cottage that we lived in before the house we are living in now!

3 steps to the perfect kitchen
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So, I’ve been thinking about this and I thought I would pull together all of my ideas and share them with you today.
Have a read and let me know what you think!


Let’s take a look at the basics that all kitchens need. The fridge, freezer and oven are all major areas of concern – and they are all so expensive! In terms of style, there is plenty to choose from. But, given that I like more of a vintage look

3 steps to the perfect kitchen


Now I remember hearing about this self-cleaning fridge several years ago. It was a concept rather than an actual product, and I had hoped that it might have seen the light of day by now. Unfortunately, it looks like we’ll be waiting a while yet. Because, let’s be honest, who isn’t going to buy a self-cleaning fridge if they could? So, maybe I’ll hold off on the new white goods for the time being.

3 steps to the perfect kitchen


However, I know that when we move I am thinking of changing up the oven situation. And, the perfect fit would be something with easy-to-clean electric hobs. Cook your meals, wipe it down, and it’s done. No more pulling stoves apart and trying to clean those tricky parts.


There’s a lot of choice out there when it comes to work surfaces. And, I’m not sure that I would want the same material running through the whole kitchen. I love wood, for example – it’s the perfect surface for chopping, and you don’t need a board or anything. However, it does stain like crazy, which means you need to be a bit careful with the more colourful foods. but the idea of a wood work surfaces and white kitchen cupboards makes my dream kitchen complete!

3 steps to the perfect kitchen


I’m also fed up of the standard metal sinks that you see so often ( I have one now yuk!) so I’m thinking about a Corian surface so that it is nice and smooth – and hygienic. It’s a lot more expensive than your standard fare, but if you can afford it, I think it’s worth it. Just imagine the time you will save when cleaning down!


The traditional kitchen has plenty of cupboard space, and it’s a neat and smart look. But, what if you want something a little different? We usually take the cupboard doors off…but that makes for a lot of cleaning so I am starting to change my mind on that idea again…what i want to do is have a kitching big enough to house my dressers in so that I can display my kitchen trinkets on them…more blues whites and reds..

3 steps to the perfect kitchen

I also love the thought of the open plan look…this will enable my hubby to move around in his wheelchair as he loves to cook….I’d want an area where the worktops are lowered so that he can easily move around the kitchen and conjure up some of his wonderful French Onion Soup!

Any suggestions, as always, are very welcome. Let me know what you think!

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  1. Mary 120 Spring Street
    6th November 2015 / 4:02 pm

    Kitchen #1 would probably be my choice as I do believe I may be a bit of a minimalist. However, I love living colorfully vicariously through exciting decorators like you! First let me say that I am in love with that blue hutch in the last picture, in fact I'm dying over it right now. I have a similar hutch I've dreamed of painting for years. The picture confirms that this must be done sooner rather than later. I'd never heard of a self-cleaning fridge, but it sounds like a plan whose time has come. Or should have come, let's say. Mine stays dirty but let's not go there. Whatever style, design, colors, you choose, I know it will be Happy lovely.Mary

  2. Beatrice Euphemie
    14th October 2015 / 8:11 pm

    I am in love with all of your pretty inspirations, Happy! I think you have some good ideas on your wish list, too! It's so exciting to think of having a change and a new kitchen. Change is good….it just takes so much work! xx Karen

  3. KC K
    13th October 2015 / 9:38 pm

    Love the different hues and flowery prints:) Makes me reminisce from my memories of the 1950 kitchen tins and colors of the painted wood. Thank you so much:)

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