How to get rid of an Unwanted Pampas Grass

 As summer draws to an end you’ll probably want to make the most out of the garden by hosting BBQs, tea parties or just having your friends around for a cup of tea. You've spent the last couple of months pruning those bushes with trusty hedge trimmers, which you can buy at Tesco, and watching the geranium and hydrangeas grow, but there is a great BIG pampas grass sitting in the middle of your garden that you have been meaning to get rid of for ages!
Hence my Pampas Grass below! Eek!

Mine has grown over 6ft high so I have always taken pictures of my garden leaving out this monstrosity!  I am not a fan of the thing! We acquired it when we moved here 6 years ago and I have aways been told that they are very difficult to get rid of...making them a most stubborn nuisance to me. 
So let's take a look at these tips on what to do if you would like to remove one from your garden!


Here are the pieces of equipment that you'll need:
Rubber gloves
Safety goggles
Long-sleeve shirt & long trousers
Black bin bags
Gardening shears
Rubber gloves
Herbicide containing glyphosate

1. Put on the gloves and ensure that your clothes cover your arms and legs. Grab several pampas grass stalks and bunch them together. Cut the stalks down to around two inches above the ground with a pair of gardening shears. Do this until you have cut all the grass down to a similar size. Fill the rubbish bag with the cut grass as you go along, tie it securely and take it to the tip.
2. Next, spray the cut down stalks straight away with a ready-to-use herbicide that contains glyphosate as the active ingredient. Use it liberally for the best results.
3. You'll have to repeat the treatment process a week later. Monitor the location regularly and spray any newly sprouted pampas grass with the glyphosate herbicide.
Some people might try and just dig up the root of the pampas but the only effective way is to use chemicals as well, otherwise it will just grow again. There are many products out there that are right for the job so just ask your local garden center worker and they'll point you in the right direction. Be careful to avoid spraying any nearby plants that may be harmed by the chemicals.
Then you can get down to enjoying the rest of the season in a beautiful, flawless garden that isn't overshadowed by pesky pampas.

You could always hide it (like I have for years) with a Garden Gazebo Lol!
Happy Days xx


Hi there my lovelies...I hope you are all well and Happy xx

I have been looking around this week, online, for a few ideas to take with me to my 'new' house, as I have said before I want to add a clean finish, with a few modern pieces mixed with some vintage pieces and I stumbled on THIS website and have already ordered a few lights!I have purchased the blue desk lamp for my craft room/bedroom (above).

I so love their style, they have all the latest, up to the minute trends, as well as some timeless pieces and all for a very competitive price!...You see they cut out the middleman and buy straight from the designers themselves, thus making everything a very appealing price indeedy! 

There are so many things that I want to buy on this site....I have already bought 2 lights...and now there are endless other things that I want to buy!

Have you discovered MADE.COM yet?

If you have! what have you bought from them?
...and if not...what do you like in their shop...
Come on gals...leave a comment below...
Let's have a good 'ole natter like the old days :) x



Whimsical Raindrop Cottage    Love the box of quilts sitting out
I thought I would update you all on the situation regarding everything that is happening at home here in blissville! lol!


 We are still looking in anticipation for the right house! thing is, because it is going to be a forever home, we have such a lot of criteria and we just don't have the spare cash these days to do all of the alterations ourselves, so that makes everything a very slow process indeedy!

Spring always gets me wanting everything in cheery red gingham.......
But having said all of that, just this week we did view a house that we quite liked...but I am saying nothing more than that atm...I don't want to tempt fate...but hopefully...and PLEASE keep your fingers crossed! we shall have a bit of luck there!
Shabby chic living

The de-cluttering has come to a halt! because the last few weeks I have wanted to do another bootfair and the weather has been awful! I havent been able to sell any more of our unwanted shabby kitsch collectables for a while!  We are also surrounded in moving boxes...slowly this house is loosing all of its personality, as the boxes get filled up with the things we want to keep! so many decisions though!

Rosie and Freddy are both nagging me to have a more modern home style for the next house...and to be honest I think I would like that too, but I think their idea of modern isn't quite my idea! and I think there might be a few clashes there lol! But I have told them both that they can have their bedrooms decorated how they like lol! and the rest of the house I will decorate how I like hahaha!...afterall...I'll be the one doing all the painting and wallpapering, so it is only fair aye!

I have been checking out some different styles that I like online and also keeping a scrapbook for the new house regarding furnishings and accessories that I like too...I have always done this kind of thing, not just for moving, but for say Craft ideas, Christmas ideas etc etc...I k pinterest is a good place for ideas, but I so love the actual cutting out and sticking in shananigans ;) its also interesting looking back on the books from many years ago and the changing influences in home decor...


I think I have said before, but I fancy a Back to Basic's style decor for our new home this kitsch bits...just a lovely white relaxing atmosphere with rickerty old peeling painted French Furniture (ha we have plenty of that!) and all my lovely vintage French Enamel, with a few  interesting unusual pieces here and there!

Red roses on blue

I hope you like the pictures I have included in this Happy Update...they are all of the new style I hope to be creating in our new chapter...( I still have plenty of gorgeous pieces, so dont worry!) Whether it will materialize remains to be seen lol!...But watch this space!

Bye for now my lovelies...I hope you are all keeping well...
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The other day I watched a programme called 'The truth about your teeth' and they revealed  some new information that I feel I should share with all of you!

Apparently, there is teeth cleaning ettiquet!
and I have been doing it wrong all of my life!

Apart from making sure you brush each and every one of your teeth to aid even cleaning, you must also NEVER clean your teeth after Breakfast or rinse out your mouth with water!....

I know I know! why were we not told this at birth!
You see you have to think of your teeth as if they were a Brand spanking new Ferrari car bonnet (your favourite car choice can be added here if you wish!)

When you eat food, it has an effect on your teeth much similar to acid being thrown onto a car bonnet...

So now go and clean your teeth with a brush! which is similar to scrubbing the car bonnet with a brush...what happens?  Yes you are taking all the paint work off of the car....and thus taking some of the enamel from your teeth!


....AND brush your teeth in the morning as soon as you get up...!

The Fluoride in the toothpaste not only cleans, but also helps protect your teeth from bad acids in your food!,,,AND

NEVER NEVER rinse your mouth out with water after you have brushed, as this also rinses away all of the fluoride, that protects your teeth when eating through the day ...!

...and see a better result in your teeth Hygiene.

All pictures taken from THIS brilliant website.

Have you learnt anything new lately?
Well apart from this toothpaste milarkie!
Bye for now my lovelies xx