Catherine Reeves Vintage Caravan Make-Over

Catherine is from New Zealand and wanted to show you her lovely Vintage caravan, so please sit back and enjoy the read and her beautiful pictures…


One morning, just before Easter, I found a message on Trade me, an unexpected listing that took my breath away & captivated my heart; a listing for an adorable shabby chic vintage caravan.  I kept going back to have a look at it again and again, that’s when the dance began…twirling round and round in my heart, flipping my emotions as if I was caught in the waves on the edge of the ocean and couldn’t walk out. “Yes, do I couldn’t possibly..don’t be ridiculous..besides, surely you don’t really need this caravan, there’s just some kind of emotional response going on here so you’d better figure it out & let it go…” But the attachment persisted and somehow (this was the biggest thing I had done in all my life)…I made it through the process & bought her!!!!  I bought her on a “buy-now” as free delivery was a part of the deal.  she was living in Nelson in the South Island, that’s across water & a long way away!

I hardly slept a wink that week…There were so many questions going around in my head! Could I trust the other trader? How could I possibly find that much money! And, would she arrive here in one piece?…

Oh, & where precisely would she live?  Then one foggy (yes foggy!) Hastings morning…she arrived!  We backed her in over by the house until we could decide where she should go. But right here has been quite perfect, so here she has stayed.

Lucy is visited every single day, She’s such a good friend. She has a few pink feathered friends to keep her company.  Much had already been done to restore and enhance Lucy when we bought her, by a number of earlier owners, but there was a lot more to do once she arrived “home”.

We’ve filled Lucy with flowers and joy, cosy and friendly she captures the hearts of all who come to visit.  We have always loved to gather & collect vintage things. The quality, style & colours of a by-gone era have continued to captivate us both through the years. Some of our favourite finds have made themselves right at home in Lucy.

We have mixed in a large dollop of Cath Kidston icon loveliness: wallpaper, fabrics, tea towels and tins, creating an energetic mix of vintage old and new.

The floor rug came from our local Trade Aid shop & the little fridge is in perfect working order…All Lucy’s fittings, cupboards & drawers appear to be original, beautifully crafted & charmingly practical…A little gingham, an old basket filled with vintage duraware and new vintage melamine, old spotty tins containing colourful cutlery and we’re all set to dine anytime, anywhere.

Lucy arrived into our care bearing her sky blue walls & we love the fresh, perennial summery feel…We are quite pleased, however, that Rachel (her previous owner) saw fit to remove the Donald Duck signs that were plastered all over the poor little soul.

I have used a few of my treasured vintage fabrics: barkcloth, Sanderson and candlewick to make a garden of cushions; plump and inviting…Other vintage checked blankets find themselves at home down this end….Cheery bunting creates a feeling of daily celebration and joy.

We are constantly fiddling and shuffling and sighing with contentment at the slightest new experimental change. Some lovely Cath Kidston yarn dyed Kew Stripe has just arrived this week and it couldn’t be more perfect. More cushions will soon be on their way!  This lovely squishy, albeit narrow bed, is perfect for a quiet nap any old day at all.

Lengths of old and treasured filet crochet, rescued from a number of time worn tablecloths, find pride of place adorning Lucy’s little windows, making the world seem a sweet and happy place.

 Our collection of depression glass milk jugs are always on hand for lighting tea lights at twilight.  Lucy, just as easily, becomes the perfect venue for a charming afternoon tea.  For any reason at all…

 New Zealand Earl Grey with butter curls and date scones.

Perhaps she will travel far and wide one day, but meantime, Lucy is an obliging gentle hostess, revelling in her shiny role of enabling the daily celebration of everyday life… She is a perfect cosy place for a sweet date… and carries off romantic style effortlessly.

Here in New Zealand op shops, Trade Me, car boot sales, markets and Church Fairs are still good places to hunt down vintage treasures, after all, you never know when you might have a Lucy to love.

xx Thank you Catherine xx


We hope you’ve enjoyed meeting Catherine and her Vintage Caravan Lucy…you can catch up with her HERE on her blog…and tell her Happy sent Ya.

I totally love the way Catherine has decorated her caravan…she is a gal after my own heart…what a good job she has done ay!

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