Sorry I haven't posted for a while...I have been a busy little bee!
I have been over at my Mum's a lot and also visiting relatives...

The Caravan Interviews - Dee Campling

My name is Dee Campling and I'm from Cheltenham in Gloucestershire. I've always loved camping and outdoor living and have long hankered after buying a camper van. We recently bought a VW Transporter, Ted, with plans to convert it into a camper, complete with a                           pop up roof, kitchen and folding seats for beds. However, the cost of doing this work turned out to be prohibitive - up to £5000 for the roof conversion alone! 
So we had to think again and the idea of a caravan came to me. Not any old bland, beige caravan though that you see seas of at caravan parks. It had to have the character, beauty and quirkiness that a camper van would have. These didn't exist as far as I knew, but a quick look at Pinterest, and Happy Harris's website confirmed that these type of caravans do exist, as long as you're prepared to create it yourself. I absolutely love interior design, old vehicles and outdoor living, as I mentioned before, so the idea of finding and doing up a vintage caravan ticked every box for me!
 So the search for a caravan began! I quickly decided not to go for classic, iconic caravan,  such as a Cheltenham or Carlight, as I'd be obliged to restore it sympathetically. I wanted to be able to got to town on a caravan, without ruining it. My only rule was that it had to be dry and with a solid chassis.
Anyway, we soon found a 1978 A Line Crown that had been parked under a tree on a friends neighbours drive for 30 years. It hadn't been driven for all that time and had just been used as storage. We hitched it up (the towing lights still worked perfectly) and towed it home. Absolutely everyone thought I was mad! 

And I was inclined to agree! The caravan was a shrine to 70s bad taste. Brown, with brown carpet, brown kitchen units, fake beige cork tiled walls, brown upholstery and brown curtains. There was definitely a theme going on. It also reeked and it was full of spiders. So I started off by jet washing the outside and cleaning the whole of the inside with sugar soap. I then  painted every wall and cupboard inside the caravan with melamine primer.
Anyway, about 6 coats of paint (seriously!) the inside began to look a bit better.
I then decided to concentrate on the outside while the weather was dry. I started off by sanding the whole caravan and removing all of the old sealant. This took ages. I then painted the brown sections coats of trade exterior undercoat with a foam roller, sanding down between coats. I then applied 2 coats of Johnson's Trade Exterior gloss, mixed up to match our VW, and achieved this result.

I'm very pleased with the finish, considering that it s not a spray job!
I then turned my attentions back to the inside and had the seat cushions recovered in Clarke and Clarke fabric and brilliantly made by The Sewing Angel. 
I then decided to make a feature of the caravan door with Pip Studios wallpaper samples, I am ridiculously pleased with the result and I think it's my favourite part of the caravan! 

Finally, I put a new vinyl floor down. It's Rhino Artwood in Bleached Wood.

In total, the caravan took about 4 months to do up but on a very much part time basis. My lovely dad helped me too with some of the structural work which included removing the old bathroom and repairing some damage caused by the leaking bathroom window.

What I love about the caravan the most is its ability to be multipurpose. At the moment it's in my front garden and it's a real talking point with passers by! My kids love playing in it, I have friends over for a cuppa in it and I use it for a bit of peace and quiet. Next year we'll use it for family weekends away but it's most important job will be as a shop front next year at festivals for my shop Huddle

In total, the caravan has cost £700 which I think is a total bargain, considering how much you can do with it. I love it and am enjoying every second of doing it up. Even George Clarke declared it 'very cool' when I tweeted him a picture if it recently!

Thank you to Dee for sharing her experiences of her Caravan Makeover, I must add that it is still a work in progress...but she was sweet enough to show us how she is getting on!

So please go and visit her and tell her what a lovely job she is doing over on her blog HERE...and remember to tell her Happy sent cha ;)

Have a Happy Weekend my lovelies! 


Christmas is a Coming!

 Well my lovelies Christmas is well on its way now and I am no way near prepared! Usually my  decorations are up and I am enjoying a little 'tipple' every evening! but this year and what with everything that has happened...I am not prepared at all.
 I am over at my Mum's house in London at the moment...I have left Freddie and Rosie in the  care of my son ( I have hinted a lot about the decorations and could they please put them up for me!) Poor them! they will all probably starve Eek!

Still! a new KFC has just opened up around the corner! so that will be handy ;)
 I have had a lot to do over here, whilst I am staying with Mum...I will be helping her to put her decorations up, I have had 'the 'Men' in to change her TV and broadband to Virgin! Yay! better Television and Netflix! We have a couple of Christmas Meals to go to! and also we will be visiting my Auntie Joyce in Richmond for a few days, to deliver pressies and celebrate her birthday....so it is all go!
 But time is really flying...and whilst the Virgin guys were here this afternoon, we both took the opportunity to write some cards...! Oh and aren't stamps dear! I bought a book of second class stamps on Monday and was charged £6.00 for 12! I was horrified! I don't know what planet i have been living on to not realise that jump in stamp prices! 

 So today, we have to pack, write more cards, wrap pressies, go and eat a lovely meal at The Moby Dick and put some more decorations up and I will have to write a couple of articles in the meantime! Phew! it all makes me tired just thinking about it all! we usually have a afternoon nap! but I can't see that happening today! It's all go go go!
 I just hope its all go go go at my house and that my son Daz is putting up mine...I'll keep you updated on that one! :) ...by the time we get back from my Aunt's house and I finally make it home to mine, it won't be many sleeps till Christmas... I don't have any close family pressies bought or any Christmas cakes or puddings prepared....so it will be all last minute for me!

How are all your Christmas preparations going?
Are you on target? Do Share!
Bye for now my lovelies.


A Thank You & What Camera?


 Thank you to all the people that sent me Happy Birthday wishes on Facebook and here on the blog, you really are a lovely bunch of people and I loved reading every single message...in fact it helped to brighten my day :)

Those Hazy Crazy Market Dayz

I was searching through my many many pictures, only to come across these, which I am sure I have not shown you before...They were taken about 8 years ago now, when Freddy and I decided to have a big clear out and take our wares to an Antique Fair.
It was a little while before Fred had his heart attack, so he could help me a little bit, but he still was suffering from his disabilitating Ehler Danlos Syndrome, which makes his joints ache all over, so although he could drive me there in that great big old van...he couldn't actually lift the stuff out of it or anything!...Gosh I was so fit then!
I managed to get everything out of the van myself and although he used to help me with the displays, he couldn't help me with the actual setting everything up and all...so I used to do all of that!...Gosh those days were hard graft for me!
...and needless to say we did not carry on doing them for long...

When I look at these and all the wonderful stuff that i would die to have now...it just makes me think that my taste has never really changed!...some of the things I still have and some I know I have sold many moons ago!
Oh Look at this lovely tea set...Yum Yum, spotty glasses, vintage table cloth and Pyrex dish!...And lets not forget the enamel!

The thing I miss most about doing these Fairs, is talking to people...Yep I miss the old banter that comes with having a stall,as back in the day, when Fred and I were youngsters, we used to have our own business selling Vintage clothes at Markets...which we loved doing.  Then it was hard work even though we were in our prime...We used to take it in turns to sell at different towns and the people that we met, became good friends of ours!  The market stall holders were the salt of the earth and we would always all look out for each other, whether it be looking after their stalls or helping them pack up at the end of the day!

This day and age...and later on when I owned my own little bricks and mortar shop I soon realised that shop holders were not the same as the market traders that we were used to! Oh no Siree!...they are more competitive and if they see you doing well...they would soon copy your ideas!

I had my shop for 7 years...I suppose you could say it was the 7 year itch that made me want to let it go! but I could no longer take anymore...the constant competition was making me ill...at least when you sell at a market...and a secondhand one at that...no one knows what you will be bringing to sell!...and we all had a respect for one another at the markets..only really buying what we liked and not getting envious of other sellers....

Ahh Nostalgia ay!...so perhaps a little part of me (in the New Year) will take my wares on the road again, to get out there and meet some new market people...do any of you run markets or fairs that you think I might be interested in?

And what have been your experiences selling at these places?
Are they competitive or are they as fun as i remember?

Bye for now my lovelies...
& Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment below xx


It's My Birthday!!!!


Although I stopped counting after the age of thirty! I will be celebrating with my nearest and dearest! ;)

Happy Birthday to all who are celebrating a birthday today too!...

Have a great day xx
Bye for now my lovelies xx


Happy Sunday

Pinch Punch...its the first day of the Month!
Happy Advent Sunday my lovelies xx


Hen Night Inspiration

You’ve been asked to be a bridesmaid by your best mate. What an honour, what a privilege and what a responsibility now lies at your door!...While being a bridesmaid can be great fun, the main thing you’ll have to get right is the bride’s traditional send-off from singledom into the world of wedded bliss – the hen night. While some people might leap at the chance to organise this, others might feel out of their depth with the whole idea of co-ordinating a night out or weekend away for a group of women, some of whom they might not know all that well.

Wednesday is Shopping Day with Happy

I love going shopping, but these days, its easier to surf the web, as my knees aren't what they used to be and if I walk more than 50 yards I get back ache! lol! Yep its official! I am overweight and very unfit!Oh don't get me wrong...I do go out to the shops, mainly with my lovely Rosie and Daz, I walk along with them like I don't have a problem, I put a brave face on my aching bones, as I love being with them so much and its good to get an occasional airing...

Don't let the weather get you down!

We’re well into winter and we all know what that means - lousy weather!... Although crisp, bright mornings are beautiful, it’s more likely that most of us will endure damp, grey, mizzly days and nights as we head through November and into the Christmas season.
 Well...here’s how to make the most of long, dark nights and cold, wet days. which can bring on the winter blues for some people. 

Get creative at home

Getting up in the dark and coming home from work in the dark can leave one feeling rather blue, but coming up with new and different ways to have fun with friends and family in the winter evenings can help throw off even the darkest winter blues.
Film nights, board game evenings or crafting circles are all ways to get your friends round, have some fun together and not spend a lot of money. And, the more people around you, the cosier you’ll feel!
Get out and about

During the day wrap up well and take long winter walks. There is nothing more beautiful than enjoying the cold air and early sunsets while warming the blood and getting in the mood for festive times.

 Christmas shopping is also a fun thing to do - if you time it right. Avoid Saturday mornings and try and go as early as possible. Take the family and make it a fun trip out with dinner at your favourite restaurant to top it off.
 Get pub quizzing with your mates

Going to the pub doesn’t necessarily mean loud music and dodgy dancing. That old stalwart, the great British pub quiz is a fab way to get your mates together and do something fun - and you might win, of course!

 If you’ve been heading to the same pub quiz for years, why not mix it up and try a different way to play. Speedquizzing is the new fad in pub quizzes and it’s spreading all around the country. Basically a pub quiz that uses smartphones and a centralised source of questions, it’s cheat proof and much speedier and more fun than an old style quiz. Finding a smartphone quiz in your area is easy - all you need to do is search Speedquizzing on Google and you’re sure to find one near you.
All you need is one smartphone or tablet in your team and to download the free app. You’ll then be able to answer the questions via the phone and use it as a buzzer for quickfire rounds. As the answers go straight to the computer there’s no boring gaps waiting for your answers to be marked. It basically brings the pub quiz bang up to date.