Kitsch, Whimsical and Wonderful Christmas Decor

These Kitsch, Whimsical and Wonderful Christmas Decorations were put up back in October and I did ask you all for your opinion on Facebook whether I should keep them all up until Christmas or take them down!…and most of you seemed to agree for me to keep them up! and we did for about 10 days…but I did get a bit fed up with them and although I knew it would be a BIG job, I did decided to take them all down.

We usually have them up for my Birthday, which is the 2nd of December, but I know they will not be up by then this year…what with all the commotions that we have had to deal with! lol!

I am not going to put up as many either! I have bought a twig tree for the green metal table, (that we bought back from France) it is quite small, but already has lights on it…hopefully I will be able to do something creative with that.

Once you put a few lights and pretty cards up… light a few candles, it feels Christmassy here anyway, especially with a glass or two of mulled wine in the evenings! lol! Hic!…anyway…I will be adding more pictures, when I have them up! that I am sure.

I also have a new camera…its only a little cheapy to tide me over, but camera’s have come on so much lately, it is actually better (apart from the fact it isn’t a Nikon! 🙁 ) It is a Samsung and it is white…so it looks lovely and I have been able to take pictures in the evening! they really look good! I always seemed to get an orangey glow before…but this little lovely has a tungsten light setting and I am able to send the pictures wirelessly to my computer! Do I sound SAD!!

…because although I take pictures like this and create graphics like that…I do not have a smartphone, a tablet or a Kindle! Yep I sure think that all of these new mod cons are passing me by! I would so love to have Instagram…but apparently you cannot have it unless you have a smartphone! believe me! I tried to download it to my computer and had no luck…or is that just me!

[UPDATE} I do have these things today!  you have to these days don’t you! and I do have Instagram, although I forget to add pictures to it a lot of the time!…Go and check me out 🙂

I suppose part of me is content with what I do have!…as long as it works…I can send something from A to B through an email and I am able to take my pictures and upload them to my computer…! and for that, I am Happy!

I do have plenty of silly  technology moments though!…to many to list here and remember to be honest…I should write them all down at the end of each day so I can remember them! but I’ll have a go here :-

1.  I have slotted my card in to the crack of the chip and pin machine and not the actual card reader!

2.  I have tried to type my pin number on the advert at the cash machine and not the actual keypad!

3.  My new camera has a very short lead, but you can take this out of the plug to upload pictures to your computer…I didn’t realize this and placed my computer near to the floor of the plug socket!…on a plus side I did realize this as soon as I tried it Doh!

So you get my drift!

I hope you have enjoyed my photo’s and my little ditty ramblings lol!

Speak soon my lovelies xx

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