I don't really know where to start...so I am writing this as it comes, just to get you in the picture, of where I am at and why you haven't heard from me for a bit


You know I have been feeling under the weather for a long time now and you know my Mum's bones had been wearing out what with the shoulder scan she had had...well! for our Anniversary, we decided to go away for the weekend to an old haunt in France, we went on the Friday till Monday...only a little break, but such a lovely one! and very deserved after 25 years of Marriage!

When we arrived home, after a delay at the Eurotunnel, it was dark and I had to load everything that we  had bought into the House...our phone had died and we hadn't charged it up, being that we were on our way home...The home phone was ringing as soon as I opened the door...Rosie was on the other end of the phone and was rather distraught! she had been trying to get hold of us all day...Apparently my Mum had been taken into hospital...her hip had gone! and she was in extruciating pain...she has always had artificial hips, being the first woman to ever undergo a hip replacement due to the fact she was born like it and not through Arthritus...both her replacements have been in now for about 30 years and we knew one day this would happen....


There was a letter on the mat asking me to come back for an URGENT blood test...I had already had one before we went on holiday and now this!...could it get any worse! lol!

To cut a long story short!

Mum is now in REHAB and I have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes! What Fun!

REHAB! lol! I know we make jokes of it...its like she is in the hospital with all the drunks and druggies...but seriously, she is being assessed in this hospital, receiving  physio to get her back to normal, so hopefully she doesn't have to have another hip replacement...which at 82 I am a bit weary of...On Monday I am going over to her house, with the occupational therapists to see what she will now need to help her get mobile in her apartment...luckily she is on the ground floor.

As to me! Its hard! Rosie also has Diabetes, she was diagnosed when she was 8 and now she is 19...I don't know whether you agree with me but I believe a SHOCK can bring certain illnesses on...Doctors say that Diabetes and Cancer and other not very nice ailments can lay dormant in our bodies...and I believe that a SHOCK to the system can bring it on!  I have discussed this with quite a few people now and it all seems, that they too, have had a shock, before they were diagnosed with their illness...Rosie had had a terrible accident just before her diabetes was diagnosed...what do you think?

Moving On!

I have always had a sweet tooth and have probably eaten sweet things every day of my life! so I know I have not done myself any favours! My blood sugar was 19 and then the second blood test was 14 (average blood sugar is 4-8)...is it a wonder that I felt tired all the time with all that sugar in my blood! I don't know why I didn't realise sooner...but what with my menopause symptoms, I just bagged them all together!...It wasn't until I got the terrible thirst that I thought something was wrong!

I have been two weeks on the tablets and already I am starting to feel much better...still a little tired and my eyes are very blurry...but I am to wait before I order new glasses, because hopefully they will get better in time.


Don't go on Holiday! lol!

No seriously!  HELP!  I am a sweet toothed woman, having to cut down her sugar intake BIG TIME!..I also have to loose some weight..(that has come as no surprise!)
I have been put on the tablets anyway, without a 'trial run', or a 'phone a friend'

So I need sweet recipes with no sugar!
I need Diet tips for a very hungry woman that is missing a sweet treat!
Its a vicious circle!

Also It would be nice to hear your experiences with regard to diet, diabetes or both...it can be our little club ;)

I will be adding recipes that I like here on my blog, so a little help with that would be brilliant...if you would like to submit one, I will credit you...

I am also compiling the caravan peeps...so if you have enquired about featuring your caravan on my blog...don't despair...I am gradually getting back to my old self and will be in touch soon.

If you have made it all the way down here...you deserve a medal ;)

I love you all


Its Our 25th Wedding Anniversary Today

Freddy and I got Married 25 years ago...today!

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