I want Blue Hair – what do you think?

I want Blue Hair – what do you think?

Ok ok so I have bright red hair…but these pictures make me want to have blue hair!  Isn’t it just the most gorgeous colour you ever did see and look at all the different shades!

These lassies might be young…but that has never stopped me before…

I think blue hair Rocks! Especially these lighter tones

Perhaps I might have dark blue hair with light blue slices…
or will that look a little ‘Rocky Horror show’ lol!

Isn’t she stunning….the light blue hair, her cool pink lips and flawless skin

…Hmmm! decisions decisions! I still so love my bright red hair you see…but back when I had it done it wasn’t that popular…now it seems to me that lots of peeps have it, and I sooo love to be different!

I suppose I could always keep my lovely red locks and wear a fake piece
of blue in the fringe haha!

Or keep my red hair, like, forever!…and then hopefully! I shall be the only one with it! because it is sooo last century!…Yay I might do that!…Anyway as I was saying…

I so Love Blue Hair!
What do you think?
Would you go Blue?
Or have you ever been blue?

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