BIG UP!...The Royal Wedding

The Streets are lined with Guards...

William is preparing his speech...

Happy Easter

Happy Easter from Happy & Rosie
I have been meaning all week to decorate my Easter Tree, but I havn't got around to it! tut! tut! I have been working like mad and also I have been painting and decorating the garden...for which now I have aches and pains on aches and pains!

Cath Kidston's Royal Wedding Blog Gift

Last week I received an email from Cath Kidston's Head Office to ask for my address!  You see as they are celebrating the Royal Wedding with plenty of GAWJUSS souvenirs!...(Cath is all about 'Bigging Up Blighty' too! Doesn't she just ROCK!)

New items arrived to the happy loves rosie SHOP !

Sale Day Today at Cath Kidston

I just wanted to let you know that Cath Kidston will have a 15% OFF PROMOTION valid today, 14th April, only on everything across the site excluding the Royal wedding merchandise and gift vouchers.
The discount will run for the whole day ending at Midnight and customers will need to enter the code CKPD at the checkout to receive their discount.
Their 25% off fashion promotion will be included in this too so customers will get up to 40% off women's & kids fashion!  

Please remember though - you must follow my links otherwise it might not work.


Happy New Finds .... Spring

Hello Gals...Spring is definitely in the air here in Blighty and we have been out and about buying bits and bobs for and our home.

As you can see from above...I am introducing Orange into our home...I never liked this colour before and would never never buy any combination of it! lol! silly me! anyway this colour is growing on me BIG TIME!...Its so fresh for Spring...and with the yellow....oh its just DiViNe!.

I have been quite lucky finding pretty wonderful items lately....hehehe! whether its because my taste has turned into a bad one!....and everyone leaves the 'gawdy' stuff that I like! or I have just been lucky! I don't know! :p

....But I feel I am moving into the 'Next phase' more retro, 1960's kitschy stuff...well ok - yup I have always really been into this kinda look, but without the orange it was all a bit difficult...

so I would buy things and hide them! :D ! C'mon all know this little trick! :)))...and sneak them out when no-one was looking!
This way it kinda introduces the family to your way of thinking! lol! kinda like if you fancy a holiday! leaving some brochures around the house and not saying anything!...he suggests the holiday! even though it was your idea in the first place! ;)
Right so now we are all on the same wavelength!...and to my amazement Hubby brings home this wonderful chair, the other day - can you see it in the background!...I'll do another post about that soon! that is a story in itself!!
I also seem to be going through a 'swanny' look so lovely displayed in the one above...especially lovely pink roses.
Yep quite a collection I have now....I started it about 6 months ago and I have become infatuated with them...they are so beautiful.
I will be adding some of them into the shop soon - so keep a look out :)Have you changed your mind about certain colours lately? If so tell me about it!

Bye for now my luverlies :)

PS...Don't forget to look on my FREEBIES PAGE there is some lovely buttons there for Easter to add to your blog :) xx

Yesterday I cooked Pork to Perfection

Yesterday I cooked Pork! and I finally 'cracked it' pardon the pun! Yes it was the best pork I have ever cooked! I am very good with roast dinners but sometimes the meat is a bit chewy...well very chewy actually! So on Saturday, when I was in Asda...I was looking at the Pork shoulder joints, thinking! Come on gal - surely you can 'crack' this tough meat thingy!

So I bought a piece of pork shoulder, I had heard that you must cook this very slowly...ok it was cheap £3.66 for a great lump!

I rubbed salt into the skin and put it in the oven on low for 3 and a half hours!
I did place it on a Le Crueset pan though...rather than a roasting tin...You can't beat Le Crueset!

Well! When Fred and I got it out of the oven and tried it! you can imagine the 'yums and yahs' that was said! it was beautifully tender and soooo tasty...and the crackling! hmmmm! Yum Yum!

We had a lovely Mothers Day lunch...and I had finally cooked a piece of pork that Jamie Oliver would be proud of...and that made my day!

Sometimes its the simple things in life that make you Happy :)

What have you cooked lately that you have been proud of ?

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day to all my lovely readers...I have taken these pictures from 'Tumbler' to show you, what being a Mother means to me.
Unconditional love.


 Move over 'Ace of Cakes'!.....
'Choccywoccydoodah'  Is in town!...
And look how fantastic they are at making cakes...the skill that goes into them, they are total works of art! They should be displayed in an art gallery.