It’s Christmas! Who’s eaten all the Jaffa Cakes!

Its funny isn’t it…how we prepare for Christmas…We hoard food in the lead up, dates, cheesy footballs, nuts etc etc…but the sheer disgust that anyone dare eat any of these lovely delights until Christmas Eve is shameful!

So the other day when I had a sugar urge…I couldn’t possibly start on any of the wonderful hoard scattered around the house…!

So instead I did the next worst thing! I opened a pressie that I had bought for someone (1 yard of Jaffa Cakes)…thinking I’ll replace them before Chrimbo! 🙂

I secretly opened them…ok so there was a little rattle of the packet, but nothing that anyone needed to come to investigate! Hmm! so I munched down 2 and then went out the back to let Max in from the cold! (Max is our little westie for new readers ;))

When I went to sit down (I was actually at the dining room table, wrapping pressies) Freddy was sitting there….finishing off the rest of the packet!…and I had hid them under the table! Grrr!

So when he went into the sitting room…I slid out another packet and ate another one, finished my parcels and put the rest of the packet in my cardigan pocket…I went upstairs for a snooze (I have trouble sleeping at night)

I got up after about an hour, put my cardigan on, went downstairs, forgetting about the cakes in my pocket….just as Daz was returning home from work!…ahh! Jaffa Cakes! he said and with that pulled the packet out of the cardi and preceded to scoff the lot! Typical!

Hmm! Do you think that serves me right! lol!So whilst writing this post…I got a little peckish…so I went out to the hiding place of the Jaffa cakes…and blow me down! they are all gone!

So I think the moral of this story is Eat, Drink and be Merry while you can lol! As its not long till January and that ‘Ruddy’ diet lol!

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