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    9th January 2012 / 8:53 pm

    I loved your blog! But when are you going to do another post? I keep checking! mcreatesdaily.blogspot.com

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    9th January 2012 / 6:26 pm

    Happy New Year, hun!Here's wishing you a fab, fun-filled year with no dying laptops, collapsing beds or any nasty ill health!Z xx

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    Lisbet / *LLL og Co.*
    5th January 2012 / 11:23 pm

    WAUW(!!!)This is one of the most awesome blogs I've EVER seen! It's AMAZING! I just LOVE it(!)Goodnight from Denmark- I'll be back…!//Lisbet

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    Ric Rac and Polka Dots
    2nd January 2012 / 3:59 pm

    And a happy new year to you my dear! I so love visiting your blog! May I please just show up at your doorstep and move into that wonderful little trailer? My dream is to have a trailer just like it. Would it be ok with you if I put your button up on my blog? I so love your blog and I would love to share you with my followers. I am your newest follower. Thank you so much for the lovely blog and allowing us to peek into your world!Happy, healthy, and blessed new year to you and your family!Hugs,Julie

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    2nd January 2012 / 5:03 am

    How speccial to discover your blog! I've looked at your posts quite a ways back. Love your style! I too love bright red in all forms. Primary Colors turn me on! I listed you on my favorites, and will grab your button when I figure out how to do it! Love love for you to come visit my blog sometime. Marlynne mcreatesdaily.blogspot.com

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    1st January 2012 / 12:22 pm

    Wishing you and yours a happy and blessed New Year!Hugs,Susan and Bentley

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    Ilona Katalin
    1st January 2012 / 12:38 am

    and a Happy new 2012… a good year fool of things you wish!!

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    31st December 2011 / 8:58 pm

    Happy new year!!!!!

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    30th December 2011 / 7:44 pm

    Happy new year chickadee :o) Scarlett x

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    Miss Holly
    30th December 2011 / 1:27 pm

    Happy New Year Rosie! It has been wonderful following you ! You will always be one of my favorite sites ever ! Thank you for all your cheery posts ….you are a very special person …..big hugs from New England !!!!! xxxxxxxxxxx's

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    30th December 2011 / 8:42 am

    Happy new year to you to ,your blog is truly amazing,a joy to read and a feast of treasures to look at and i really love it ,thankyou for all your inspiration,love francine xxx

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