Decluttering my Vintage Home

The other day I was sitting here thinking about decluttering my vintage home and all the things I should be doing!…One of those chores was Ironing! ha! you think you have a big pile of ironing! mine is about 10ft high now! {I keep hiding it! shhh!} Everyone in the Happy House is having to buy new clothes!
…Anyway…rather than do the chores…I decided to have a de-clutter in the sitting room! Yikes!…I can hear you all yell!…Freddy was asleep, so this was the perfect opportunity to get some stuff moved down to the garage! before he woke up and discovered my dastardly plan! {not sure if ‘dastardly’ is a word! but hey it sounded good! lol!} {oh and please take note…nothing above was rejected unless it has yellow, orange, mauve or black…all red rose pieces are staying! 🙂}

I decided there was too many colours, that I didnt like…OK so whilst we were out and about we bought alot of orange and yellow glass…now rather than list it on my website…we decided to keep it and add it too our scheme! Now I appreciate that this retro look in very in vougue at the moment…but although I love the brightness of it all…I longed for my happy shabby look back! so rather than this…

l have toned it down and made it more of a happy shabby retro look incorporating all the quirky items that I love…I know this is more me…don’t get me wrong – I love retro, but I like more the quirky, pretty and cute, side of retro…

I have also found some yummy pieces lately that I have been meaning to show you…This picture for instance…isn’t she divine…I have been looking for a place for her for ages now…so I decided to put her here in the sitting room!…oh and can you spy my little cherry brandy deer…isnt she lovely!

Also my cute little kissing couple…this is actually musical…it plays the theme from ‘Love Story’…soooo soooo sweet ay! As you can see I have kept some glass and a few snippets of yellow and orange here and there, but definitely more toned down!

I have also tweaked the mantle…I wanted to display my new {old} finds, which includes {above} my cute little ‘Vernon Ward’ pictures either side of the main picture and also my lovely little happy deer on the mantle piece…I think they look so much better over here!


And hey! what do you think of these lovely little ‘bluebirds of happiness’ that I found….aren’t they just sooo sooo sweet! Right…so as you can imagine whilst making sooo much mess and taking items down to the garage! trying to be ever so quiet! {something sagittariuns just cant do! lol!well this saggitariun can’t anyway!}

Hubby woke up! came downstairs and wasnt too happy!…apparently…I had been taking out of the room, everything that he had bought!!! OooOpps! No! really! are you sure??? Yes apparently! ‘Oh well, at least you won’t buy those kinda things again’! I said! EeK!…I asked him a few days later whether he prefers it and he said he’d tell me when I have made the new cushions!…Jammy so and so! I know he prefers it really!…Little does he know that I plan to paint the teak unit duck egg blue!!!!!!…But I’ll have to wait until he goes out to do that!!! lol! ;)!

Love Happy x

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  1. Debs
    23rd July 2011 / 4:58 pm

    I think I prefer the happy shabby look rather than the retro brights too.I like to see them in other peoples houses and magazine shoots, but not mine! I always return back to my vintage floral look!

  2. Jess
    23rd July 2011 / 4:26 pm

    I would have loved to been there to help although I don't know if I would of been very useful. I woulda just kept falling inlove with your stuff. Especially the bluebirds and the kissing couple. Sooo cute!

  3. Serenata
    22nd July 2011 / 3:44 pm

    I love the changes you have made, I think the look is great and prefer it to what you had.

  4. delia hornbook
    22nd July 2011 / 1:10 pm

    oooohhhh aaahhhhhh…..there isnt a thing there that i don't like. My heart skipped a beat seeing all your wonderful orange and yellow 50's and 60's glass wear and the canisters…I love what you have done it really is all very pretty. And the picture of the lady is just devine. dee x

  5. Anonymous
    22nd July 2011 / 1:07 pm

    Looking at your home is like a breath of fresh air! Everything is so bright and cheerful. I've been doing a bit of de-cluttering myself, and it's amazing what a mess it is while trying to do that! The end result is always worth it however. Have a wonderful weekend, your friend in California…Marcia

  6. Auntie Em
    22nd July 2011 / 12:59 pm

    Love your new colour scheme! I have always found that DH really doesn's care what I do to the house to decorate it…a.)as long as he can find his computer chairb.) I tell him before bedtime which side of the bed he is sleeping onc.)it doesn't cost any, or at least much, money!And c.) is usually the first consideration! :DThanks for sharing and hope you are enjoying your new surroundings! 🙂

  7. Floss
    22nd July 2011 / 12:36 pm

    IT's fun to hae th choice, isn't it? I've been going through a mini-dilemma about buying some French plates I know are good value and trendy-retro, but just not my style. I think I've decided not to buy them now, just because they're currently fashionable. I like to read about the way you're trying new (old) ideas and working out how they fit with your timeless look.

  8. Peonies and Pennies
    22nd July 2011 / 12:27 pm

    Oh I love the new look. The retro pieces are great but it can get to much with the orange! ~c~

  9. found and sewn
    22nd July 2011 / 10:52 am

    I love your bluebirds and the china swans…love the new look!

  10. Rosa Lily (Pen)
    22nd July 2011 / 7:12 am

    I admire your colour, must be hard to get rid of a few things though? When I saw your kissing couple it reminded me of a little ornament that used to sit in my mums kitchen, it was a dutch boy and girl sitting next to each other on a bench and when you moved them closer together their heads spun towards each other and they kissed, obviously their heads were magnetised. Ive never been able to find anything like it since, so if any of your followers have seen this little quirky item I would love to know! As with most things it got lost over the years, such a shame! xxx (this was back in the 60's)

  11. ebru
    22nd July 2011 / 6:58 am

    Great as always Happy! You are right a few retro pieces are great, but when it gets too much.. It is too much! 🙂 Ebru

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