Extreme Lace Make-Over

I have an extreeeeeme collection of vintage lace doileys and have been racking my brains for projects to do with them, they are so pretty and have so much work in them.  I really hate the idea of cutting them up in any way.....So the other day I had a brainwave!

I loosely sewed them together to make a half curtain (top) and a lampshade cover (above)....a simple idea...and when I am fed up with them, they will be easy to take down and re-use without causing any damage!

I think they look pretty impressive too!
What do you think?


Happy's Colourful Kitchen

Well lookee here my friends....We have revamped our kitchen...yep we have taken some of the doors off the cabinets and covered some with retro wallpaper....Also we have used red shiny sticky backed plastic to cover the drawers with...don't it look great!
We have also started collecting Happy Kitsch bits BIG TIME and have incorporated this look into most of the house....look below to see what I mean.
Of course we will never run tired of the 'Happy Shabby' look, but it is nice to be able to mix the two styles and make them gel.
 As you can see below, we have backed the cupboards with funky wallpapers and clashed together different 'bright' kitchen collectables along the shelves...
 we have kept the enamel...I dont think I could ever get rid of that, but we have got rid of plain glasses and have started to collect coloured ones...I don't know why! but drinks always taste better in pretty coloured glass.

A long time ago now we put this shelf unit (below) on top of the work top so that we could have extra space to keep our bowls tidy...we have added to this in the past and it still looks great....you never know though! next time you see it! It might be covered in wallpaper! lol!

We have left the fridge (below) as it is...
all scrapbooked up and still looking divine!
We have even added useful objects to the walls to brighten up plain spaces.

...and we just couldn't resist adding this beautiful stained glass window, to the windowsill...what do you think?

Its good to be back my luverlies...
I hope you are having a great weekend :)


Sleepy Time

I am having a little 'chillax' time at the moment!...I have burned myself out and needed a couple of weeks off!...I have been sleeping alot (I think the weather might have something to do with that! It is soooo depressing!!)

I will be back soon...another few days should do it :)

Love to you all and....
Have a great weekend :)
Speak to you again in a little while.


Happy's New Find ...

What do you think of our new 1960's abstract picture find?
...can you see what it is?
I have hung it in the sitting room, above the fireplace. 
Rosie was happy to have the other picture we had here in her bedroom.
...and afterall that piccy was very dark...perfect for winter in the sitting room...and perfect for Rosie's room for the summer.

Phew! that Maccy D's chair has got alot to answer for! I seem to be going all Retro! :D


Happy Shop Sale


I found this picture on 'pinterest'...loving it! and had to share!
Mind you! if my hubby put these plates up! it would be a 'one way ticket to disaster'!!!!