Happy New Year



Happy Chrimbo My Lovelies

 I would like to wish all of my followers, friends and aquaintences...
The Bestest Christmas Ever.
 You have all supported me through thick and thin this year and I really do appreciate it...You all Rock! Thank you all for stopping by and reading my blog, whether you leave a comment or not...I appreciate your interest :)
 I have added these pictures of the decorations in my Dining Room...where the 'hopefully Happy Household (haha! it is Christmas!) will be having our Chrimbo lunch.
 We have bought everything totally prepared this year...from the brussels to the potatoes, with a turkey crown, so it will not be ages in the oven...and hopefully all eaten and cleared away by 2 o'clock so we can be sitting down for the Queen's Speech (love it).
I hope you like the pictures and I shall look forward to blogging again next week to wish you all a Happy New Year...meanwhile have a good Chrimbo :)
 ...and if you have relations coming over that you just can't stand, remember to slip a couple of measures of the 'spirit of Chrimbo' in their drinks...to lighten them up a little! lol! (I said nuffin')
 Well goodbye for now my lovelies....
 I will be thinking of you all...
Happy Christmas from Happy, Freddy, Daz, Rosie & Max xxx


Who's eaten all the Jaffa Cakes!

Its funny isn't it...how we prepare for Christmas...
We hoard food in the lead up, dates, cheesy footballs, nuts etc etc...but the sheer disgust that anyone dare eat any of these lovely delights until Christmas Eve is shameful!

So the other day when I had a sugar urge...I couldn't possibly start on any of the wonderful hoard scattered around the house...!
So instead I did the next worst thing! I opened a pressie that I had bought for someone (1 yard of Jaffa Cakes)...thinking I'll replace them before Chrimbo! :)
I secretly opened them...ok so there was a little rattle of the packet, but nothing that anyone needed to come to investigate! Hmm! so I munched down 2 and then went out the back to let Max in from the cold! (Max is our little westie for new readers ;))
When I went to sit down (I was actually at the dining room table, wrapping pressies) Freddy was sitting there....finishing off the rest of the packet!...and I had hid them under the table! Grrr!
So when he went into the sitting room...I slid out another packet and ate another one, finished my parcels and put the rest of the packet in my cardigan pocket...I went upstairs for a snooze (I have trouble sleeping at night)
I got up after about an hour, put my cardigan on, went downstairs, forgetting about the cakes in my pocket....just as Daz was returning home from work!...ahh! Jaffa Cakes! he said and with that pulled the packet out of the cardi and preceded to scoff the lot! Typical!
Hmm! Do you think that serves me right! lol!
So whilst writing this post...I got a little peckish...so I went out to the hiding place of the Jaffa cakes...and blow me down! they are all gone!

So I think the moral of this story is Eat, Drink and be Merry while you can lol!
As its not long till January and that 'Ruddy' diet lol!

Happy's Christmas Decorations

My Angel is sat at the bottom of my topsy turvy Chrimbo Tree.
Well here we are...with less than a week to go until the BIG Event I thought I had better update you on the frolics at the 'Happy Household'!...and my goodness what a roller coaster of a couple of weeks we have had too!

It all started with the death of my Packard Bell computer...as soon as the insurance runs out, you know you are on 'the rocks' so to speak...it had been over heating for a while...but then one day the computer SAID NO! and that was that...!

Our Upside Down Christmas Tree..this is actually a great tree to have
 if you don't have much floor space.

...luckily I have a separate hard drive which I save everything too...so it is not too bad...just annoying, as your computer remembers all your passwords etc...! but as most families now...my computer is not the only one we have in the house...so I have commandeered Rosie's computer, which is a newer version of mine, so I am up and running again...for a while there though I was enjoying the split! lol! It was kind of like an amicable divorce...I was able to buy and wrap presents...get the decorations up (phew! a weeks work on its own! that is!) and do some housework...

Happy and the Gang love bright colours
As you can see I am taking the opportunity to show you our decorations this year...whilst telling you about the crazy things that have been happening!....I hope you like them ;)

Well the next thing to go wrong was the Hoover...there's me, putting the decorations up and you know all the bits that get left on the floor...glitter...berries...drawing pins (ouch!)...fluff!...so I thought, I had better Hoover all these bits up...so I switched 'Henry' on, when there was a cranking kinda noise!...you know....that expensive kinda noise! rather than a fuse needs replacing! So I left the hoovering and started to dust pan and brush the carpet instead...not a good look for me! ha! plus not very efficient either...as there were still quite a few offending bits and pieces on the carpet that only Henry could deal with!....Arrrrgh!...

Our Pipe cleaner Tree bought from Paperchase a few years ago and decorated with handmade crochet and vintage glass decorations.

Then Freddy came home from visiting his Mother....and decided to fix it by turning it on! (what a STUPID dufus!)...'I thought you might of overheated it'...he said! lol!...but poor Henry was definitely dead :(, he had served us well...much better than computers do these days anyway...he was 7 years old...whereas my PC was only 2! 

Vintage glass baubles always look stunning just on their own.

Goodness knows what is happening...I can't recall breaking any mirrors or walking under any ladders...but despite all that I suddenly realised...bad luck usually arrives in threes!...and the third bit of bad luck was hilarious!

We have been meaning to buy a new bed frame for ages, as the slightest move in our bed makes it creak like hell!...and you can get accused of doing all sorts of things...when all you are guilty of is just turning over!... 

More vintage glass baubles...put them on cake plates...this is something we have been doing for years and they become decorations in their own right...they are so pretty like this.
Well the other night...I went to bed early...and I got into a lovely sleep quite soon! when the next thing I heard was Freddy getting into bed with a rather large thud! he had misjudged the bed and had kind of fallen onto it and without any warning the bed frame totally collapsed into like a sloping motion on his side, for which he started to roll back out of the bed again! 
My lovely vintage Christmas Card from Rosie...we also sell similiar in our shop ;)
Gosh my reflexes are good! I quickly grabbed hold of him before the bed frame collapsed completely to the floor!...there was silence for a moment...and then all we could both do was laugh our heads off!...it was one of those moments where we kept explaining to one another what had happened...but couldn't speak for laughing...luckily no-one was hurt during the crashing of 'said' bed...but we literally laughed ourselves to sleep...as the bed was now on the floor, but still very comfortable! lol! (its that lovely Tempur mattress...I would recommend that to everyone) as it was still comfortable with metal posts underneath it in a heap :)  

This lovely felt doggie dec we found in Wilkinsons they sell for just £1 each...what a bargain!
So that was our three things!...an expensive lot to replace, but luckily, our son Daz bought us a Hetty Hoover the other day for a Chrimbo pressie, so I was able to hoover up all the bits off the carpet...rather than do another 'does my bum look big in this wiggle'! with the dustpan and brush ;) (not a good look in your comfy dressing gown and slippers!) lol!

Pretty wall decorations and a lovely lavender linen heart that smells divine!
I was supposed to of shown you the rest of the house and how I had re-arranged it in the Dining Room and the Sitting Room...but what with all the shanaligons...(is that a word!) that has been going on...I have run out of year!....hopefully, you can get some idea in these pictures I have shown you....

Upside down Christmas Tree in the Mirror...and one of my Nan's china crinoline ladies..all adds to the Happy's Christmas ambience.
These pictures are from our Sitting Room...ah yes...plenty of trinkets in here....you might have noticed...I did paint the 1960's unit white...you can just see a snippet of white above!...I prefer it to the teak...but I do love the tatty old furniture...so I might replace that in the New Year...we'll see :) 
Here I have a display of Vintage Christmas Cards above the french coat hooks..I have always kept them in the box, but this year I thought whats the point of  having them if I don't put them on display! so voila!

Also this week I have given Max a trim and he looks divine! (I'll post piccies soon)...and we have bought a divan base! which is so much better for the back! ...well so the Salesman said anyway ;)...the arrival of that made me all the more determined to re-arrange the bedroom which is something I have been meaning to do for a while...but I was going to wait until the New Year!

So as you can see we have been extremely busy, what with one thing and another hehehe! which makes me can't help thinking of that saying...

'A tidy house is the sign of a broken computer'

Yep! I guess that is true! lol!

Bye for now my lovelies...I hope to be back with some more piccies for you in the next couple of days :)



Vintage Caravan Magazine Giveaway - The Winner

 I have been a very popular girly lately and have also been lucky enough to be featured on the front cover and inside this wonderful Australian Magazine called 'Vintage Caravan Mag'...This is the brainchild of Lisa Mora and is now celebrating its 5th edition.
 Now! if you think we are having a bit of a phenomenon over here, with regard to vintage caravans...well you want to subscribe to this magazine...as it is soooo divine! with plenty of beautiful vans and the cars that tow them...in fact the whole damn lifestyle as well...
 There is even a pullout section in the middle of this December issue, of the 'Miss Pinup' finalists...tell ya hubby...I am sure he will be begging you to subscribe to this 'One of a Kind' Vintage Mag...
...and why not!...as this mag is soooo full of inspiration from down under ;) its a definite 'must for the book shelf.
So how about a chance to get your hands on a copy then!
Right so I would like you to share with us all, your childhood holiday memories...
Like with all my giveaways, it is open to all and you can enter as many times as you like...but a different memory please with every entry.
I shall be drawing this giveaway on Sunday 18th December.

Good Luck my lovelies ;)

...And the winner for the Giveaway (sorry its late) is....
 Number 7,
which works out to be MelMel's blog.
Yay! Congratulations Mel.


Happy Loves Christmas Hampers

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Another great aspect of these hampers is that they are extremely easy to shop for. In addition to the variety mentioned previously, they can be browsed online, and easily ordered, either to your home or to the home of whomever you may want to give one to. This convenience can be an extremely valuable quality during the holidays, when people are often so busy that it’s hard to find time to buy gifts for family or friends. The ability to browse, select, and order all on one website is tough to overlook, if you value efficiency.
Ultimately, however, the true value of these Christmas hampers is in setting up a new aspect of the holiday atmosphere in your home. You may be used to going to great lengths to set up your home, from decorations to meals, etc., and having a few Christmas hampers around can be a great addition, whether for bringing in special treats or simply for having nice snacks around. Who knows? You may even start a new tradition in your family by trying this out this year.