Thoroughly Modern Rosie .....

Well! we have finally done it! after much thought and deliberation! and a few arguments along the way, I got the paint and it was all systems go last week!

Fred and I wanted The 'Happy Shabby' look and Rosie wanted a modern look as she loves the black and white Zebra prints that are about at the moment....

...and seeing as it was her bedroom and far be it for me to influence her own style (I am all for individualism!) we let her guide us with what she wanted.
...and together we came up with this! 
we have got rid of the cast iron bed, as it was too short for her now!
(she has had a bit if a growing spurt!)...we were able to purchase a divan (cheaply) from a friend and thats really what started it all off!

A trip to IKEA, Matalan, The Range and a few Garage Sales and this is Rosie's new Bedroom!  Her dressing table had a broken leg and for ages I looked for a new one for her...but the price of these lovely ornate ones has rocketed over the years, I thought I was going to have to pay a couple of hundred pounds for one!....
But then I thought! hold on a minute!...her one is soooo lovely, I'll get it fixed and paint it pink! so thats what I done and the same goes for her chest of drawers...they are a bit cumbersome, but with a coat of 'sexy pink' gloss from Dulux, they look mighty fine now!

To be honest it was lovely looking for these colours...
it made a change from my usual primary colours that I usually looks totally girly...a lovely bedroom indeed...even if I do say so myself! ;) and Rosie loves it...she even wanted the HOME cushion I made in her room as she loves the turquoise with the pinks....thats my girl! :)

The different wallpapers in the frames are from B&Q...we cheated here a bit and rather than buy a whole roll of each, we just tore off samples! Eek! Well rather large samples actually...sorry B&Q...but hey I am giving you a no sulking! LOL!

The black spotty oilcloth is from 'The Range' only £2.99 a metre! and the material in the front of the wardrobes are Rosie's scarves, that match the room.

We went a bit mad on the cushions...some were bought from BF's and Garage Sales....The Union Jack sequinned one was from Matalan, and the zebra print one is from TK Maxx.

I hope you like it as much as we do

Bye for now gals,

Vintage Luverlies...Just Arrived!

We have some fun and interesting items added to the website that I thought you lovely gals might be interested in!...

Please click on the pictures to be taken to the purchase pages :) thankyou :)

Elle Decoration

Look what I have found lately on my travels around Blighty!
Some lovely silk red roses....
Fabulous retro cushions....
...and this lovely print!

What more could a gal want!....Very Elle Decoration eh!

What have you found lately...that you would like to share with us all :)

New Blog Makeovers

These are the latest gals that have had a 'Happy Makeover' to their Blogs.
The one above is Angie from 'The Bewildered Blogger' it was such a pleasure to work with her, she said that she was really a bewildered gal in this blogging world, but I havnt heard from her since so this gal is getting along fine with it all ~ thank goodness, as I advised her to go with Blogger in the first place  :)
And this design hot of the Press - so to has been bought by the lovely Kathryn from 'Loved and Used' she purchased one of my OOAK designs ( that means 'One Of A Kind') and she added to it and this is what I came up with...

Go and visit these new gals, they are eaglely awaiting your comments and friendship :)

Bye for now


Max's Bad Hair Day

This little cutie was overdue a haircut!
He he he! Bless him!
But usually I cut his hair, as he hates anyone else doing it! Especially Fred! my hubby!
Then one morning we all woke up to Maxy looking like this!!!
OMG!! I can hear your cry!
 Somebody! had got to him before me and it wasn't Rosie!
Just look how my Hubby has hacked away at poor little Max! ahh Bless!
Never again! Freddy! Grrrr!
Luckily...that was a good few weeks ago now and in that time Max's hair has grown a little longer! Phew thank goodness for that eh!
...and this is him this afternoon!...sorry but I just had to show you this piccy...he is just soooo cute, he really believes that he is a human baby and not a little doggy at all!
 Rosie and I are keeping all sharp instruments out of hubbies reach in future! LOL!
Speak soon gals and guys,