Desperately Seeking the Words

I am Desperately Seeking the Words and trying to write a blog…but I am finding it very difficult! there are so many things I want to say but I can’t get the words out in the right order…

I am still here and I want to write about so many things….but I just have no energy or want!…Yeah I am contradicting myself there a bit aren’t I…but that is the way I am feeling…I am in an ‘any how’ mood…and it has been going on for a few months now!

I might be able to get over it! I might not!…something very sad has happened to us, its not a bereavement or anything quite like that…but it kind of feels like it…I won’t say anymore…I don’t really want to ‘air’ the family laundry! in public…but I am hurting and feeling very run down at the moment!

Perhaps I can move on after this little rant! but it has always been a happy place, for all my lovely blogging friends to come and visit – so I do not want to say to much…I am treating this little post like a bit of therapy and hopefully it will work!

Please do remember that I love you gals all so much – but I felt you all needed a bit of an explanation…many of you have written to me, probably expecting an answer and I have not had the energy to reply, and I am so sorry for that…I am thinking of you all and always have a little smile for you, when I read your messages…especially in these hard times 🙂

I will go now and hopefully, I can now turn a corner in this blog and start posting about the things I have so longed to write about 🙂

Love to you all x

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