Everythings coming up Rosy

Yep thats right! ...Although we are heading for the Autumn...everything is coming up Rosy in the Happy House Garden...

millionaires shortbread

Millionaires Shortbread

This is my most favourite 'sweet' recipe from Mary Berry
(OoOoh I love that gal :))

Make it! you will be sooo popular :)
...and make sure you send me some! ;)

Day out to London ... Yum Yum Yum !

Well gals, we have been out and about this week starting with a trip to London on Saturday (gone), yes it was dull and gloomy and we were bored! so what better a way than to spend the afternoon, with a trip 'up West'!
 As we approached the Blackwall Tunnel I was able to get a piccy of the Millenium Dome!...Goodness me! look at that sky!...still you get used to that living in Blighty! :D

I Love Cath Kidston and Happy Loves Rosie

Ever since I started my blog, you all have known that I love Cath kidston ! We have history! Oh yes! but without boring you with the details! I have added here a few of my favourite Cath Kidston bits and pieces.

The Retro Lounge

 Hello me 'ole' fruits! I do hope you have all been keeping well in my short absence! I have recently been changing the look of my lounge ...and giving it a more Retro look! I just sooo love the 50's, 60's and 70's and have been an avid collector of all things vintage for many many years now! (too many years to remember LOL!)