Our Mosaic Pot

Well what a weekend that was! apart from the fact football is NOT coming home!...we have been in quite a lazy mood this week! its probably something to do with the heat and the humidity....but the weekend took a sudden turn!
I got up extra early on saturday and went with Rosie to one of our local shopping centre's she needed to get a few bits in preparation fo her up and coming 17th birthday....we got there about 9.10 and were back home before 11 am...with everything that she had on her list :) ....so the early bird definitely got the worm...
But after our good luck in the morning...I had a bit of a 'senior moment' in the afternoon, when Fred and I decided to go out and we left without taking the keys with us! @!*{$£@ Shuzbut!!! it was totally my fault! as Fred asked me to pick the keys up!...and like a 'melon' I refreshed my lipstick and shut the door behind me only to realise I had left the keys inside and locked all the windows! (cos I am paranoid about shutting windows!)....

 We did contemplate getting on a bus! shock horror! £9.00 return to Gillingham our nearest shopping centre!...we also contemplated sitting in the garden...but it was sooooo damn hot - we would of fried!...LOL!
 Luckily Rosie had gone to Margate with her friends and even luckier she had taken her keys with her! Phew! Rosie saves the day! but what were we to do in the meantime!!  well!....we also happen to have the most wonderful neighbours and they invited us into their house, where we sat in their garden....
 They fed and watered us and we had a right old chit chat and a laugh...they really looked after us...they also have a pool in their garden and I was very tempted indeedy to get in it, but I saved them the 'sorry' sight! he he he!
 ...So!....a bad situation turned into a completely lovely day...and a BIG thankyou goes to P, J & J for your wonderful hospitality (kiss kiss) you know who you are :)
Today I awoke at 5am...how can you not with all the birds chirping soooo early in the morning...and it gets light around 4am! So I was up and out and off to the local flea markets....
  I wore one of my 'Happy loves Rosie' bags and my shopping trolley to match...totally kitted out for bargain hunting :) It was a lot of walking around for not a lot of clobber, but it was good for the exercise anyway!

I hope you have enjoyed the pictures I have shown you....they are of the garden in our mini heatwave (30 degrees in the shade!) and our lovely seafarers urn...that I had totally forgotten about!...we had moved it with us and had laid it to rest in the old outside toilet....I was clearing the garden the other day - when I remembered it was in there...
...this is a fantastic pastime to do with the kids...we used to take them to Shoeburyness, near Southend in Essex (we used to live that way about 10 years ago) and on that beach, all this kind of china washes up onto the shore, and we used to take a picnic and walk along the beach and pick up all the pretty pieces...some are more coroded by the sea than others....it was such a fun thing to do....and then when we had enough pieces we all sat and plastered it onto this pot....it is extremely heavy though! as this is a terracotta pot! but it is divine.
....another thing we used to do....was take paints (non toxic!) to the beach...Whitstable or Herne Bay (I love Herne Bay) they have pebble beaches there and we used to sit on the beach near the water and paint little pictures on the pebbles....you can while away hours doing this....I used to let Rosie and Daz choose one stone to take home that they had painted and they would use them as paperweights and then when we returned we would take the pebbles back....such fun and cheap things to do.....those were the days eh!
Anyway I had better go....I hope you all had a lovely weekend and you made the most of the lovely weather...and weren't too disapointed about the football! sniff sniff! LOL!

Speak soon my friends :)

Glamping and Apronistas

I am introducing 2 lovely lassies onto the blogging circuit this week and I have designed both of their blogs...the first is 'The Happy Glamper' (above), its the home of Abbie Eastwood...who will be bringing you the joys of Glamping....oh yes! this is an actual word these days! mixing 'Glamour' with 'Camping'....so please do go and pay her a visit, to see her take on Glamping it up!...she will be showing you tasty and easy recipes to create under canvas, as well as shops and links on where to buy all your bits and pieces....definitely worth a visit!
....And the other delightful blogger is Cindy @ Retro Revival....she specialises in handmade shower caps and aprons and they are 'absolutely fabulous'!...she writes about her life living in Florida on a farm with her family (I'm Jealous! :)).....as well as her lovely handmade items.
Please do go and check out these lovely gals and tell them Happy sent cha!

Ive got Soul - Good luck England

Yesterday Rosie and I dropped in to our local Shopping Centre to hand out CV's, as she is itching to find another job right now!....she has a list as long as her arm of all the lovely things out there that she wants to buy herself! Bless! and she cannot wait to learn to drive, as she will be 17 in a couple of weeks! Oh! I do admire her perky spirit :)
Whilst we were there...I spotted The 'Big up England' car flags...2 for £1.00! Oh No! has Blighty given up all hope of getting through to the Semi's!...Well it is understandable I suppose! after the way we played last time...and the time before that!...what has got into our boys!

I have been meaning to get an England flag for a while now...as we have the KIA Soul that is advertising sponsoring the world cup...and well its only right! isn't it? and despite the fact that I have about 50 union jacks in my garden already! It just seems the right thing to do! anyway better late then Never! and besides... they might put a bit more 'Oomph! into their game if they know that Happy has gone and bought some flags for her car! LOL!
So I have taken the'bull by the horns' and decided to buy a couple of these flags! Whoo Hoo! Last of the BIG spenders! Me eh!....even though I might have to sneak down the end of the garden later, to quickly 'rip' them off in disgust! LOL!
I know! I lost the 'toss' I did want a Blighty Red one.....but Rosie and Fred won and we got the boring black one!...still a lovely car though...and sooo sporty...Ill have to wait a few more years before I can get my dream Citroen Dolly car (red and white)  DeLiCiOuS!


Happy loves History....

I was driving along Railway Street, Chatham today...when I saw that someone had put this traffic cone on this statue yet again! (unfortunately its a regular occurance!)...I was sitting in the traffic and thought I should find out about this man!...and why he was there! not originally from Medway, I sometimes have to look things up....so when I got home I found THIS WEBSITE and rather than put all the history into my own words I thought I would quote from it....

If you know Chatham, you know him. Yes you do. He’s the statue in Railway Street. Just below the station. Points to the old gent’s lavatories. Usually wears a no-waiting cone on his head.
Got him? Right. Any idea what he did?
And why his statue is in Chatham? Read on.

Waghorn was a postal pioneer who shortened the overland route between England and India from three months to between 35 and 45 days. And why was that so important? Because, simply, time is money: Faster mail meant quicker and more competitive business.

He was a business hero who probably didn’t get the recognition he deserved — until his statue went up in Railway Street in 1888. Waghorn’s route shortened to the distance to India from 16,000 miles via the Cape of Good Hope, to 6,000 miles. 

I am particularly pleased to mention Waghorn because his family came from Snodland — Medway’s equivalent to the “name one famous Belgian” joke. 

Thomas was born in Chatham in 1800 and baptised at St Mary’s Church on 16 July. His father, also Thomas, was a butcher and had married Ann Goodhugh at All Saints’ Church, Snodland, on 28 July, 1794.

Thomas entered the Royal Navy at Chatham, joining HMS Bahama as a midshipman in November, 1812, and married Elizabeth Bartlett at St John’s Cathedral, Calcutta, in 1822. He became a pilot and took an interest in the early attempts at establishing a steamship route from England to India and the East. But the East India Company — which effectively ran that part of the sub-continent for Britain — showed a remarkable indifference to his ideas.

After leaving the Navy as a lieutenant in 1832 he made the journey to India via Egypt as an experiment to send mail. Disastrously, the journey took four and a half months — but on his way back he met the Pasha of Egypt, who supported his desert route idea.

Personal tragedy followed in March, 1834 when his wife died in Calcutta. By December, however, Waghorn had remarried — to Harriet Martin, daughter of the miller at Snodland and a neighbour of his mother. That month he also inherited a substantial estate from his grandfather and the couple lived in Rochester until building The Lodge in the upper High Street at Snodland about 1841.

Waghorn’s business plan began to flourish and he set up an agency in Cornhill, London, for conveying post — and passengers — to India via Egypt. Between 1835 and 1837 he lived among Arabs in the desert and laid the foundations for the overland route across the desert from Cairo to Suez. This involved building rest-houses and supplying guides, boats, horses and carriages for travellers. 
He became deputy consul in Egypt in 1837, but soon fell out with the authorities. From 1840, the Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company (P&O) set up in competition with him, backed by the British government. The came another setback: 300 horses died in a plague. It was the end — and the Pasha bought him out.

Waghorn turned his attention to speeding the post in Europe, through the new railway system. He was successful, but the Government reneged on a deal to pay his expenses for the trials left him £5,000 in debt.

Waghorn died at his London home in Islington on 7 January, 1850. He was buried at All Saints’, Snodland, just outside the vestry door (pictured above). The south wall of the nave bears a memorial to him.
Perhaps, as a mark of respect, Chatham’s yobs might stop crowning this great pioneer with road cones.

So perhaps if the 'YOBS' of today...took the time in finding out about our great heritage here in Medway...they might actually think! before they do this kinda thing...

Well thats the bee in my bonnet got rid of this week :) and a little history to boot! not bad eh! and we are only in Tuesday! LOL

Hello...its me Max!

Hello! Max 'ere!

Yes I am still here you gals and guys!....and keeping well :)

I hope all you blogging pets are keeping well too...keep in touch y'all!

and a Happy Monday to ya!

Crafting at Happy's

Look what I have been upto this week...Yep! I decided to save some money and make my own Father's Day cards...I have been known to spend upto around £5.00 on one card before...so I thought nope! I can make some of my own...and I got quite into making them straight away...
I used my printer to print off some pictures and the right words...I then tore the words and picture around the edges and glued them all into place....I then placed the card onto my machine and sewed around the edges.
I sewed messily on purpose, because I wanted to create this handmade look...surprisingly the machining turned out really well and I was so pleased with how it turned out.  I also made a Grandad Card for Rosie to give to her Grandad and also a DAD card and a Hubby Card...I was going to take pictures of them all, but before I could they were all whisked away and written on and put into envelopes!LOL!
I also made this lovely 18th Birthday card for one of Rosie's friends...made with pretty papers and a copy of one of my sewing patterns...
Also this week...I have listed my lovely vintage handmade by 'me' holdalls they are absolutely divine and I want to keep them all! but have added them to my SHOP reluctantly! :)
The one above is made with this lovely 1940's barkcloth...it is such a lovely print...and soooo Happy :)
....and this one above is made from Rosie's favourite material...infact I know she has her eye on one of these! ;)

Have a Grrrreat Weekend Gals...


This is his little card collection...Bless!


Vintage Style....

WOW! Now if I had a Special Occassion coming up, like a wedding or a special birthday! I would definitely hire this 'luverley' vintage Routemaster Bus! How cool! and what fun! Move over Stretch Hummers! this is the way to travel in style these days!

...and the winners are.......!

Hello my luverlies...and how are ya' all this week then!
I do soooo hope you are well :)

I have drawn the winners of  my Homes and Antiques Magazine Give-away, using the random number generator and this is what it came up with....
So the lucky winners are Number 7 and Number 38 Yay! which means the names of the luverly ladies are :-

Jennifer Park-Cox and

You lucky girlies you!

Now could you lovely ladies get in touch with me, as I have tried to make contact and can't :( and if anyone else knows these ladies, could you please let them know for me :)
Thanks to everyone for taking part...I loved all your comments and would love to come and visit you all for a fun packed decorating holiday...Bliss :)

Weekend Give-away

Sorry for not getting back to you all sooner...phew I have been rushed off my feet since the fabulous article at BBC Homes and Antiques...!
Thank you soooo much for all your lovely comments :)
Right so this is the 'Official' Magazine give-away post! but before I get onto that! I must just show you my latest graphic blog design for Michelle at Creative Crafts, (above) Michelle is such a lovely lady, who sells papercrafting products at markets in the Devon area...

Please do check her out and say hello...you know what it is like starting out, you definitely need some encouragement...and I know you lovely girlies will give her some!
 So then, my lovely gals...I have two copies of this lovely magazine to giveaway...so I need plenty of comments from you all! Now! what shall we have as the subject for the comments then!.....
....I know! If I came to your house, what room would you have me help you decorate and why? hehehe! now that is a good one eh!...oh what fun we could have decorating your home together and having a good 'ole natter eh!
You can have as many goes as you like and the funnier the better :)
I will be picking the two names at random, so you will all have a chance of winning :)
Heres some weekend flowers for you all my sweets....I love you all to pieces and good luck in this giveaway...I will be drawing it on Monday 14th June sometime in the evening.

Have a great weekend :)