Cottage Garden Make Over Done!

Yep gals garden makeover has been accomplished!
…although really it was just a good ole tidy up!
Fred’s Mum and Dad came down to us on Wednesday to help…we shall call them the A-team…..coz although they are in their 60’s they are so fit the pair of them and get jobs done in no time!

The A-team mended the fence around the Victorian patio area and actually fixed it properly with Posts!..all dug into the ground and everything!…this, last year, had been propped up with the old bike from our old shop and the above garden bench!

I ordered in some ‘Big up Blighty’ bunting to decorate here and there and put the other shabby weathered pieces in the wash….Its amazing isn’t it…how everything comes back to life again in the garden! I mean all that snow and rain and frost from the winter…and then a little sunshine and voila! everything comes up rosy again!

I mean look at these lovely little
beauties…they weren’t in the garden last year…perhaps a bird
dropped a seed…but I have a few bunches of these scattered around,
aren’t they lovely.

 And since, weeding the beds…these little butterflies have loved sitting on this Euphobia, or at least I think this is called that!…One of my lovely Blogging friends mentioned it and also I was at a Garden fete the other day and a lady had some for sale that looked rather like these….

The grass looks lovely now…we had to strim it all first, hehehe! I don’t think the neigbours liked us very much…as we were strimming it most of the day…yes the grass was THAT long!….I can’t take much of the credit for it though as Bridget put me to shame, she strimmed a good three quarters and a half! of the whole garden and I just finished off the last little bit!…B.A Baracus has nothing on her :)!

Apparently this plant is called Kerria? Quote me if I am wrong!…it has such a pretty flower on it….Oh dear! Scuuuuuse the washing! 🙂 but it was such a lovely day at the ‘Happy House’, I just had to take advantage, even though we were gardening 🙂

As I was finishing off the the strimming, Bridget asked me if there was anything else she could do? so I asked her if she could clear around the back of the garage…well! she is such a fast worker! In the time it took me to finish off the tiny bit of strimming…she had gone around the whole back of the garden, sweeping and clearing and making it all look ‘mighty fine’ indeedy!…Gosh I love that woman! 🙂

But off course I done my fair share! LOL! I was weeding the beds and pulling out that rotten ‘Bind weed’! before it decided to take-over like last year! I think I will put that plant into Room 101!…we had a lovely time and now all that is left to do is add some more colour…I have some plants arriving next week, because we have a Card Company coming on over to the ‘Happy House’ to take pictures of the Caravan….Very exciting stuff! Yes our  little Caravan will be on Cards all over Blighty!..So the geraniums that will be arriving, will add a lovely colourful touch 🙂

The garden looks lovely now, thanks to my lovely Mother and Father-in-law, they also fixed a few things around the house that needed doing too! and even fitted a new toilet seat! Yep! I wanted the Union Jack one! but seeing as that was soooo last year apparently! we opted for the Red one! Well it wouldn’t be the ‘Happy Bathroom’ would it! 🙂 without a shiny red toilet seat! LOL!…I’ll be posting about the Card Company shoot when it happens, so keep your eyes peeled 🙂


…Oh and talking of shoots!….Heres my lovely Rosie! Bless her!

Have you seen the photoshoot I did with her?…she makes a wonderful model, what with that lovely HAPPY and pretty face of hers…we had a right ole giggle!…

Bye for now…and a HAPPY May Day to you all!
Oh and remember its ‘DARLING BUDS OF MAY DAY’ tommorow on ITV3 all day long! TOTAL BLISS!

Love Happy x

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