Autumn is Here STOP! and REWIND!

Well here we are heading towards the autumnal months and everythings a changing in the garden! Now I promised myself that I wouldn’t do a post like this because I cannot stand Autumn and Winter! Its simply not good for your health you know! and because here in Blighty, we do not have very good summers!….to have to go through these very short days…some as short as 8 hours of daylight! is simply just NOT fair!

Now! having just said all that! there is some lovely colours forming here and there, but I cannot help feeling very sad, because everything is dying off and there is a ‘nip’ in the air.  Previous years, I havn’t minded this season, because I suppose we didnt really have much of a garden to speak of….So I think a trip to Columbia Road, could be called for, to get some plants to make the garden look HAPPY instead of so dead and dreary.

Above is the fuschia that last year we nearly dug up! it looked sooooo DEAD! and we were inches from pulling it up! When Bridget (my mother-in-law) told me that it might be a Fuschia! and within days it started to bloom and get bigger and bigger and more beautiful by the day! To think its going to look all dead and horrible in a few weeks 🙁

still one good thing, I’ll be able to brighten up the garden with me wearing these CK boots, whilst I am out there with my shears cutting everything back ready for its hibernation!


I would say I will be wearing this rather lovely CK knit too, but alas NO! Cath doesn’t DO this knit in a winter warm cosy XL, so I will be making my own interpretation of it soon! (watch this space!)


 Oh and guess what! I have found out what our mystery tree is called, as it is now sprouting these acorns!

…it is called a ‘Holm Oak’ or better known apparently as a ‘Holly Oak’ which I think is quite sweet and a BIG co-incidence as well!  As our vintage caravan is called a ‘Holivan’!!!…and the Holivan sits just underneath the Holly tree!…Ahh Bless!

Yes! hello Max! We can see you!

Hubby has been creating some lovely artwork in our crafting caravan and because of all the medication he is on, it is perfect for him because he can work a bit and then have a rest and a sleep!…I tell you it is perfect for little cat naps in the day time! Hee hee!


I managed to get him this wonderful coffee cup spill stamp…(Phew don’t say that quickly)!….the other day and it makes your artwork look wonderful!

.He likes ‘journalling’ and fills Moleskine’s up with wonderful Ephemera that we have collected on our travels…it makes you look at packaging in a different light!..when you like this type of art! as where-ever you go you are collecting bits and bobs and it is so nice to look back over work that he has done and see the messages in what he has created…he is sooo talented. 

Well I don’t know what we are going to do about this Autumn Winter Milarkie! I suppose there is nothing we can do about it! so we are just going to have to grin and bare it!  I am going to think of some things that we will be able to brighten the garden up with! and I’ll report back to you soon with those ideas…along with my re-styled Happy rose appliqued knit! Speak soon gals

(PS sorry if I have mispelled anything! its getting late and I am supposed to be getting up early for a rondeavouz!!?? in Somerset!!!)

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