Happy Happenings with Friends and Family

Hello gals….its been a lovely week here at the ‘Happy House’ and we have been very busy, last week it was Rosie’s 16th Birthday and…did she have a ‘Ball’ ! we went shopping, had lunch out with her lovely friends and she also had a party….oh it was very fabulous! and on monday she will be having part of her birthday pressie…which is a ‘First Drive’ at an airfield near us! she just can’t wait to learn and is always going on about it – so I booked up her first lesson….which enables her to do different manoevers like parking – emergency stop, reversing, slalom etc etc all in a dual controlled car!


Also I have been doing a bit of crafting…now I have my Kitchen Larder Unit in the little out house, I am able to sit in there and get all my art out and make a good old jolly mess!…cutting up pieces of material sorting through buttons…you know finally being able to make things that I have been meaning to make for months…and its bliss!

…And we have been busy decorating our little holivan…Thank goodness we have been hoarders all our lives! Its been very cheap indeed, we have just opened cupboards and moved some furniture around and with the help of scouring only a couple of booties…we have managed to find all of this! (above and below!)

We have had family and friends round for barbecues!

My Mum visited and we lazed around in the garden, chatted and made plans…its her 80th birthday in January and we are celebrating BIG TIME 😀

We have been sunbathing…some more than others LOL!

…And I have been pottering around in the garden…and learning about the wonderful plants by the minute. I have even bought myself a pair of rubber garden gloves!…as too many times I have been stung by stinging nettles! OUCH!

My lovely son Daz, has settled in his new digs…its his second year in September, so he can no longer be in halls…he is now living in a lovely house and he has managed to get the largest room…he hasn’t allowed me to ‘happy’ it yet…but I am working on him LOL!

So as you can see we have had a busy week, but its been so much fun!

…Just a thought! If you are planning a holiday in the UK…please do take it in the next couple of weeks, as I am having a varicose vein operation on friday 24th July and will have to walk a couple of miles a day with bruised and battered legs (to stop deep vein thrombosis) wearing surgical (white…Lovely!) (and Nylon – even lovelier!) tights!!!…So the weather I am sure and knowing my luck! will be well up there in the 80’s, that, I am sure! LOL!

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