My Garden and a Vintage 1950’s Kitchen Cabinet

My Garden and a Vintage 1950’s Kitchen Cabinet…

Hello gals…I sure do hope you are all well…I am sure you all know by now, but my computer is sick! and this week it suddenly died on me! DRAT I love that thing…I have created so much on it! it is like loosing an arm for me!…any how! I have taken it to the PC hospital and tonight I am borrowing this Macbook from my hubby! Hmmm! I don’t like it…it is supposed to be for graphically minded people, but I get and have got soooo FRUSTRATED with it, that it has taken me hours to sort out the pictures! something to do with STARTUP DISK FULL or something! even though hubby hardly stores anything on this thing! Grrrrrrr!  It must have a very small memory lol!

We have been tinkering around in the garden lately buying really cheap plants at bootfairs (some for as low as 20p!) and this is the view of our patio! we have done alot more work to it since, but those piccies are still on my camera…so when my computers fixed I will be able to bring you the next instalment 🙂

This shelf used to be in our old dining room, but looks wonderful here amoungst all the greenery with pots and pans,,,and you see those wellies…they have a cactus style plant in them…a lady from our local bootsale sells them for £2.00 a pair!

…And these are some of the new additions that we have in the garden

This lupin (above) which is very large…cost us just £3.00! and there was another one there too! but you know sometimes you just do not have your thinking head on!! I don’t know why I never bought them both!

…And I just had to have this wonderful lawnmower! for SHOW and not BLOW of course!

I hope you like it all so far! but we have added so much more to this garden since!…

keep checking back here to see what else we have found for it! 🙂

Oh and I thought you might be interested in this little beauty that we found at the M & M sale (I’ll bring you more piccies soon!) Isn’t it just sooooo beautiful…look at those windows! We’ll we took it home and I gave it a good scrub! and we placed it in our Laundry room/outhouse….and


Its perfect and it looks after all my crafting bits and pieces….I am so chuffed with it!….and check out our union jack tented roof!….How fabulous eh!

Unfortunately these days (Update 2022) the unit no longer has its beautiful glass…something to do with a very angry teenager that loved punching and kicking things when he was angry!  Shame isn’t it because that glass was beautiful…all those years with it and then a couple of years in our house and it was ruined!  Never mind, I add pretty material to it these days…


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