Would you like to see Happy in Print?

Would you like to see Happy in Print?

I have been thinking about this alot lately! without meaning to blow my own trumpet, I always seem to be on the start of a trend a couple of years before anyone else…I actually remember about 6 years ago stocking Cath Kidston pieces in a boutique we owned, and people totally ignoring the pretty prints and homewares…and all because, they simply hadn’t heard of her!…for me I have always bought something, because I liked it and not because, my next door neighbour had it or I saw it in a magazine!

My blog is nearly two years old now and I have been showing you all sorts of bright and colourful pictures, from my home..I certainly have the blogging bug and take my camera with me wherever I go! I can’t just take 1 picture either! I have to take a few of each picture and sometimes I take two camera’s with me, for instance, recently (and I will be blogging about it soon!) I went and did a photo shoot in my friend, Jane’s, beautiful Antique shop. There I took my Nikon and a little Lumix compact camera and shot nearly 500 pictures of her wonderful shop!

Anyway I bet your wondering where I am going here aren’t you! LOL! and really I suppose I am just writing my thoughts down here…but what with all this blogging, I have accrued 31,000+ photographs on my computer!!!!!!! HOW MANY! Yes 31,000 piccies! No wonder my computer is getting slow…once it was state of the art and now its like a slug! taking about 10 minutes to fire up in the morning!!

These are some of the pictures I have found in my attempt to slowly sort them out! Its going to take forever…! What am I saying it IS taking forever! but whilst sorting them all out…and looking at all the wonderful bright colours and arrangements again, got me to thinking…would anyone be interested in a book written by me?…

Would anyone be interested in publishing me? Have any of you out there got any tips and advice, I did think of doing one of those Blurb books, but they work out so expensive…so really I am asking you gals if you would be interested in my ideas, my opinions, my decorating tips etc etc, in order for me to get the ball rolling so to speak…the Blurb idea, is probably a good starting point, don’t you think? C’mon gals I’d like your advice here and also it will be a great source for others thinking the same thing!

I am sorry that I started off by blowing my own trumpet…but I have so many new ideas and thoughts, going around in my head all the time, so it would be nice to incorporate them all in one place 🙂 stating off a few new trends…all in one HAPPY book!

Look whats happened with the Union Jack thing for instance LOL! Its everywhere now!… My idea behind that was to BIG up blighty! what with all the doom and gloom everywhere, we definitely need to hang onto our Britishness! to enjoy and be proud to be British, is what its all about…!

My flags all around the house and in the garden, have been very welcomed here in my new home surroundings! Most of the people that live here are older…they walk their dogs and bid you a good day – when you are out in the garden….they talk to you in the street…it reminds me of how blighty used to be back in the 1960’s and 70’s when I was growing up!…

So here we are at the end of this Post…I hope you like my piccies…please let me know if you would like to see more and if you can offer me any help and advice, I would really appreciate it!

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend gals…speak to you all soon xx

(sorry if there are any mistakes in this post..I am writing it really late in the evening and I am half asleep! hee hee!)


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