Decorative Corners of my Humble Abode

Decorative Corners of my Humble Abode

I really do not know what is wrong with me…its probably an age thing, as my hair has started to thin and I am starting to feel rather hot, when usually I am the only one who is freezing cold!…anyway I am off to the hospital tomorrow to have some bloods done…so that should sort me out…I’ll keep you all posted, I had suspected that I might have an overactive thyroid! HA chance of that! and why am I the only person to of not lost weight with it!!! but apparently 10% of people with it will put weight on!! I bet I am in that 10%!!LOL! still not being one to self diagnose! and after 10 hours trying to sort my problems out on the internet last night….I awoke at 10 am this morning!

My hubby had been up much earlier…well most people had been up much earlier I suspect!…but look at my surprise above! He had framed my lovely union jack and mounted it on the wall…can you see the words that adorn it (very sex pistols stylie!) Yes it says HAPPY HARRIS! I am so chuffed, its one of the best presents, that I have ever received….Thankyou so much Freddy xx

Whilst taking this picture, I decided to take a few more from around the house…corners and snippets of my home that I do not think you have seen yet! I have been busy making it all perfect for the summer, this house I must say though is a very cool house, when its hot outside, it is lovely and cool inside, which will be good for me, with onset early menopause LOL!

Anyway…above is my lovely, but very shabby terrier, do you like him?…Its hard not to really isn’t it!…I am starting too pick up alot of doggies lately, I suppose because, with his little sad face – I want to keep him company, when we go to sleep and all the toys and ornaments come out to play!!! LOL!


This is a piccy from my sitting room….we only sit in here in the evening, its special, but sooo cosy. and yes that is yellow there…I am starting to love mixing yellow into my colour schemes…I never thought I would, but there you go! I still can’t seem to get my head around using purple yet though! but watch this space!

And look at that wonderful patchwork quilt, it is absolutely divine, not made by me, but handed down from generation to generation by some friends of mine that wanted me to have it for my home, the detailing is beautiful and made with so much love, I feel very honoured to now be the keeper of it 🙂

Our growing collection of toys and Whimsy’s in our craft room/dining room.

My lovely Coat…and union jack scarf.

Doesn’t this little fella look sad! ahh bless, I just had to take a piccy off him though, as I do love this little arrangement in the corner of my sitting room.

Happy cushions (above above) and a new addition of this lovely rose picture, which works so well, with my colour schemes….You can’t beat roses!

We have bought into the house our camping blanket….do you remember I blogged about it here, it looks great over my chair, and on chillier nights its a great piece of kit to wrap yourself up in, to keep cosy.

Now! this piccy above tells a little story….a few weeks ago we bought this album cover, at a bootsale and I blogged about it here, but we just couldn’t find a frame for it…we searched all the shops in Bluewater, and online, but nothing was suitable or the right size…and then, this week – where should we find the perfect sized frame….but at our local bootsale!!! Just shows you! So we painted the frame and mounted it and look at it now!…We have placed it over our TV and it looks great!


I am loving kitsch cushions in clashing colours….finding retro material and making your own is so much fun, and that way, you have something bespoke and personal to you 🙂

Ahh yes…I can’t live without my lovely coat hooks…these are a signature of Happy loves Rosie…also blogged about here…you can add bags and pictures and the odd hanger LOL! and it looks great…This is a wonderful cheap decorating idea!

I hope you all had a great Bank Holiday weekend, apart from my investigation on the internet into my poorly self….I also prettied up Rosie’s bedroom, went to the local bootsales and slept quite a lot! Ha…the perfect Bank Holiday weekend for me!…I hope you had a great one to!…I’m off to watch Ashes to Ashes…Catch you all soon!

Love Happy x


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