Red, White and Blue = REDNESDAY!

There is a red white and blue theme here to my blog this week, and it has taken me all this time until now to get around to blogging about it :) and what better day to do it than REDNESDAY!

These were our finds last week...firstly we shall start off with the blue and white spotty shoes...size 8, a little too big for me two sizes actually! hehehe!, but hey ho! only £1.00!! I can always wear them with an insole!...Then an Ebay buy above, this wonderful chalk westie that I won for pennies!

The picture above is of a union jack hankerchief and a lovely vintage book of cool!

I also managed to find this lovely retro set of dominoes and this wonderful rose brooch....which will look wonderful on my vintage green check herringbone coat!

Gosh...the theme carries on with this lovely 'Bless em all' record...which we are going to put in a large frame...I wish I still owned a record player, as the songs include, The White Cliffs of Dover and Roll out the Barrel! LOL!!

Also we managed to find this lovely red westie...I have never seen one like it before and he looks so cute and at home on our mantle with our other little cuties!

Oh!...and DOUBLE GOSH....Lookey here, We managed to get this wonderful, union jack towel for Max, for only 50p!!! he loves it and snuggled right into it, the moment I pulled it out of the tumble dryer!! His such a show off!

Speak soon Gals...


As it is St George's day today...I thought it would be a good idea to add some piccies here of all the Union Jacks that I have around the house!....and the very quintessentially English styles that I love about Blighty!...I know it is a very ENGLISH day and the flags around my house represent 'The United Kingdom'....but I am an English Lassie through and through! So this is my take, on things that I love about 'MY' England....


Above - My laundry room

Yes a Union Jack in our garden! LOL!

The Dining Room...

My Craft and hobby room....

Handmade badge cushion....Can you see something here in the pattern!!!
Cheeky English postcards.
All about 'Blighty'!

Remember these!

The Laundry!
Gosh! its Union Jack fever at the Happy House!


Gardening Times....

Hello gals - I hope you all had a lovely Easter....on the Saturday before Easter Sunday, My Hubby's Mum and Dad popped around to see us, which was so lovely as I hadn't seen them for a while, they bought all their tools for the see we had discovered that underneath the grass (pictured above) was a lovely Victorian brick patio.

So we all got to work, weeding the garden...well you know what gardening is like...very hard work...and Fred's dad, pictured above and below was such a great help, we couldn't of done it without him, he really got stuck into the job in hand and put me to shame with the speed and ease that he was getting those weeds out!....Thanks so much Fred xx

Now also home for Easter was our darling son Daz, he came home from University, and seemed to be in the same pattern as he is at Uni, he is up all night on the computer! insisting that he is NOT playing WOW (World of Warcraft!!!) (how many of you have kids and hubby's addicted to war games? then you can sympathize!) and then slept all day...being in a totally grouchy mood, when you tried to speak to him!!.....RIGHT!! PAYBACK TIME!

This is him lying in bed, while Fred's Mum and Dad - both in their 60's and Me in my 40's, got to work....clearing the garden of debri and digging the bricks with our trowels...Fred's Dad, also called Fred, we'll call him Big Fred, was marvelous, he was an expert at it and also found behind the trees in the garden a lovely old picket fence...which at the moment, he is making some fence posts for us, so that we can section off this lovely victorian patio...

Here I am...working hard and collecting dead wood from the borders....
Meanwhile, Daz slept on....and on....and on.....!

He has always been one of those children, that takes forever putting his shoes on to help you get the shopping in and then by the time you have finished the job, he is ready to start...and then of course it is too late.....! The only time he did when we all sat down knackered to have something to eat and drink!! Typical!! LOL!

Heres a few pictures of the lovely blossom and daisies appearing in the garden...I am so proud of my little garden....its such a treat to be out there and especially now the weather is getting better!

...And this is the finished patio area...we call this our Nook, it was so worth the effort, and looks so lovely...I'll keep you posted, as to how the new picket fence looks...and a big Thank you to Bridget and Big Fred...I really do not know what I would of done without them, so a big XkissX to you both :).

Speak to you all soon chicks....I hope you are having a lovely weekend xx

Love Happy x

UPDATE....Hello chicks - I have edited some of these pictures, because my mother-in-law didn't want to appear in the sorry if you have returned and now see an edited version of this post! LOL!

The Golden Girls...

I have just finished watching Project Catwalk. It has been a great programme for me, as I have always been interested in fashion and design. The winner was...and look away if you have not seen it yet!!! hehehe! Leanne Collins the Issey Miyake style 'pleats please' lassie, her style was absolutely beautiful and very innovative but I couldn't help loving Kenley's style...that cutey pie 1950's boho chic look, always appeals....and then you have Korto, now I have been a fan of hers for weeks now, I just love her style and the way she always portrayed colour and diversity in her designs....well I just loved it all.....this programme bought out my creativity...Hubby and I would sit on the sofa telling each other, each week what we would of done! LOL! I bet you did too eh!

I loved them all...but as to a winner it had to be Korto for me...I liked the way she designed clothing that a larger woman could of worn...and that tribal jewellery! phew, so yummy. But I am going through a bright and colourful stage at the moment, as I have said before. And I can't help thinking the styles that I would of created...kinda colourful 50's chic - meets asymmetrical...oooh doesnt that sound gooooooood!

I think I had better sign up for a fashion course at our local University...KIAD (Kent Institute of Art and Design) is just around the corner...Medway boasts so much talent already.....I wonder if they are ready for me!!!

Love Happy x

Blog Banners

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Love Happy

♥ Happy Easter ♥

Well I am very sorry gals for not writing much this week...I have had rather of alot on my plate and I seem no nearer to getting it all done!...I bet you know the feeling eh!. I was pottering around in my kitchen earlier, listening to the radio, when they start talking about how busy the supermarkets Christmas they said!...its so busy out there...I thought to myself gosh here we go again! rush rush, hurry rush! for goodness sake the stores will only be shut for one day!, I mean its not like we are all going to starve or anything!...

Right I had better get on with this blog as there are rather of a lot of photo' lets start to explain!...These are my Bootsale finds that I managed to pick up last week...Now let me start by saying that I am on a very tight budget at the moment, but I seam to be finding the most wonderful and cheap things, and I do not have to travel that far from my front door...which saves on my petrol! Oh gosh I hope I havn't sabotaged my good luck now!!!

Right the first of a bathmat that I found at 11o'clock in the morning for £1.00 (yes all those people that must of walked past it!!! shame on you!!). It was a tad dirty - but after a few washes, it came up like new and looks fantastic in our Bathroom.

The eggcups were £1.00 for 3 with 2 cosy's but one of them was orange...and as you know I do not 'DO' I have only displayed the colours that I like.

The picture was £1.00, the flag £2.00 and the necklace 50p.

...And this divine teapot with no lid was 50p...just look at that repair!

I managed to get the red shoes, which are brand new, I might add! for £1.00 (the second pair up from the bottom!)

Oh and the bargain of the day apart from the union jack mouse mat for 50p, was this gorgeous absolute snip at only 20p!!!!! I couldn't believe my ears, when the lady said the price!

I also got hold of a job lot of badges..for which Rosie and I sorted them all out and covered this large white cushion with them, Thankyou Max! for kindly sitting in front of it!!!!

Our garden is doing well too...we have an abundance of flowers shooting up, and I have been out there most days...or rather I should say, when the sun has been shining!

We are trying to decide what this tree could be? I have looked in books and wondered if it might be a walnut tree!...Any ideas?

I bought some bird seed in the week and we made these DIY seed holders and hung them up around the garden. They seem to be working well too, as they are nearly empty!.

I thought I would end my little post by adding some pretty postcards here for you. I have scanned them into the computer from my own personal collection.
My son Daz, will be coming home from Uni at the weekend....complete with a barrell load of washing I suspect!! Hubby said I should send him to the launderette with a pocket full of change and pick him up a few hours later...actually thats not such a bad idea! LOL! ...can you imagine his face!!! hehehe!
We are having family over to us this easter, which will be nice as I love family get togethers....there are not many of us, just my Mum and her partner and hubby's Mum and Dad and the kids and us!...I hope the weather is makes such a difference, dont you think!
Anyway I hope you all have a wonderful Easter, Don't go too mad! remember the shops are only shut for 1 day!!! I'll be back after the weekend with some interesting news about how my weekend went and plenty of holiday pictures :)

Have a great weekend gals..

Love Happy x