What’s Growing in my Cottage Garden

No. 1

What’s Growing in my Cottage Garden? Well the sun is still shining gals…so off I went into my garden today to have a good look at all the lovely roots and shoots appearing, we moved here in the winter when everything was well and truly dead!…and here we are in March…with everything coming alive!.

No. 2

Now I am not an experienced gardener…and only really know the basics in plants…but I have all these new shrubs growing in the garden…that I really know nothing about…so I thought that perhaps you gals and guys could help me here!…Now obviously I know that the flowers below are daffodils! But as to everything else, I have no idea…!

I would really love some help here, especially with the nurturing of them too, like the one below….it looks to me like they could eventually be tulips…or perhaps more daffodils ??

No. 3

No. 4

And this flower above is absolutely beautiful…they are growing in a clump, by the old out house…in this lovely dusty mauve colour….what are they? How do I look after them?

No. 5

Is this a weeeeed!!!!
LOL! or could it be something else! I have noticed a few insects have been nibbling away here! Eeek! What shall I do about it??

No. 6

…And look at this lovely bud….Isn’t it exciting! not knowing how it will end up, what it will look like….it looks like a little chick to me, so vulnerable…and yet so perfect!…What will this perfect little bud grow into? Please help!

No. 7.

..And shouldn’t this little red berry guy be dead by now…shouldn’t it be budding around christmas time!!! and dying off by now…is it poisonous? will Max be OK in the garden? Oh dear should I get a book from the library??

No. 8

I’ve bought this one from Columbia Road…to decorate for Easter…or Have I??
What is this one called…it reminds me so much of Springtime…
I have an Ivy growing at the bottom of it will it be OK?
Thanks so much for your help gals – I look forward to hearing from you.

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