Trip to London’s Hope & Greenwood Sweet Shop

Trip to London’s Hope & Greenwood Sweet Shop
which is no longer there, but is now online and in Sainsburys stores

Last week on our Out and About tour we visited a few of our favorite shops and one of them was Hope and Greenwood…I bought some white chocolate fish and chips and some Diabetic cola bottles for Rosie…

Also we happened to see this wonderful ruler with my name on it (see above and below)…How could i not buy that!…also, we had to buy this wonderful Union jack paper chain….perfect we thought for Easter decorations!

This weekend we are going to be sprucing up our little cottage, so I will be able to bring you more pictures soon….! And whilst walking along Brick Lane last week, Freddie spotted these wonderful body posters….and in our colors too! How thoughtful! he he he!…so of course we had to have them….and still watching the pennies, they were only £3.00 for the two of them! Wow what a bargain!…Hope and Greenwood bags and paperchains and my Happy ruler…

So we will be putting those up….probably in the Bathroom and putting up shelves to display our bits and pieces….I can’t wait, as I love my bright collections all around me….all the colour, I think makes us all a bit more creative and Inspired!…

I hope you all have a lovely weekend….I’ll be back here on Monday, with some very interesting information about my home town and the very creative people that live here….

Bye for now gals xx

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