Mothers Day Inspirations and Creations

Mothers Day Inspirations and Creations…I decided to make linen Mother’s Day cards today!…so as in true Happy tradition I had to get everything out before I could start!! Our Dining room table is a hive of creativity most days…

We are all artists in our own right…and love to sit around the table chatting and laughing and listening to Radio 4! although I insist on turning it over when the shipping forecast comes on!! 🙂

Well I did say it was a mess…just look at it all here! Phew!…I hope you can get the idea, from the pictures…I cut 3 pieces of linen and backed them in card…with the help of the computer for my fonts…I typed out a message for the front and the back and adhered them to linen.

Together with old postcards, vintage material and buttons etc I got to work putting it all together…they just kinda evolved as they went along….I have an old scrapbook of vintage lace, so I included a piece behind an old ‘Happy families’ card that I had machined on…pictured below…(oh and sorry about the pathetic picture of max! We’ll, he looked sooo cute we just had to take this piccy of him!) hehehe!.

They turned out much better than I expected…I made 3 pages for each…and at the end I machined all three together…I made two cards, one for my Mum and one for Freddie’s Mum…I shall be tying them up with a large ribbon….and presenting them to our Mothers at the weekend! Rosie also got crafty and made some cards…she machined the pretty patterns on the cards herself…she is so talented!

…And there you have it…
Handmade linen Mothers Day cards, why don’t you have a go! they are so much more personal than shop bought cards…I hope I have inspired you to get creative here!


Fred also loves getting crafty…it is perfect for him as he can sit down and create at the same time! he loves scrap booking in Moleskine notebooks…here he has covered one in an old book cover and these pictures show what kinda thing he does…

He also draws and paints…but I’ll have to show you some of his other work on another post…alot of the Emphemera in these pictures…we have found recently.

He takes pieces from newpapers…current affairs, fashion and pop along with Emphemera that we have picked up over the years…we have always liked to collect this kinda thing….no use to anyone…but perfect for creating one-off works of art!


As you know Rosie is my Gal, we are Best Friends as well as Mother and Daughter…We took her out of school 3 years ago now and it was the best thing that we ever done, main school education worked for my son…but it was not for Rosie

We do our own thing…we learn what we want – when we want with no peer pressure…she has a large network of friends and is hoping to go to college in September…naturally I do seem to do alot of art with her..but we learn other things together too…lots of things…its been really fun having her at home with us…I shall never forget this time 🙂

..And these are some of her creations…she has scrapbooked for an age…but she likes to incorporate mixed media, and pen and ink drawings…I love it that she likes to experiment with colour…and I love her creations…she is my gal xx

Hope you enjoyed a little insight into our day…I would also like to take this opportunity to wish all you gals, a very HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY this Sunday xx
See you all again next week 🙂

(This is an old post originally created in Blogger, so please excuse the small pictures and terrible formatting)

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