Auntie Joyce's Sausage Casserole

Well its nearly Dinner time and this is a perfect tasty recipe that my Mum and me have been making for years, given to us by our Auntie Joyce....its so tasty and easy that I thought I would pass it on to you lovely ladies :)

All you do is peel enough potatoes for your family and cut in half - lay them flat side down in a roasting tray....also put in enough sausages for everyone too...with enough water covering about a half an inch up the side of the potatoes....add and onion or 1 leek chopped (I prefer leeks) sprinkle a stock cube all over the top preferably a meaty one (or 2 french kub cubes - these are best - you can buy these on ebay).

Put in the oven for about 40 minutes on 200 degrees. Half way through, get them out of the oven and baste with the juice and stir in about 2 teaspoons of gravy granules into the liquid...put back in the oven for another 20 minutes and then serve...the potatoes are soft like boiled on the bottom and roasted on are the sausages....its delicious and a perfect credit crunch tea, serve with veg of your choice.

I hope you like it...It should look something like this above....have a good week :)

...and the winner is....?

We have just picked the winner for my collage......and Drum roll please.......the winner is, Debbie from "My so called life of colour and gems"....well done Chick!...please send me your details so that I can get it in the post to you :)

Thank you to everyone who took part, keep watching, I shall be having another giveaway soon :).....I hope everyone has a happy week...

Happy Days Weekend Giveaway

As you know I have been rather creative this week, what with covering my shopping trolley at the weekend, and on Tuesday I also created this collage, made with vintage papers, magazines, ribbons, buttons and a 1960's sewing pattern and adorned with my own flower drawings, this collage has been signed and dated by me. Its mounted on a 9.5" x 9.5" boarded canvas and ready for hanging.

If you would like to be included in the draw for this piece of artwork, please leave a comment here...I will be placing all your names in a hat and drawing 1 name out on Monday....see you then and have a lovely weekend @/*-*\@

Pink makes the boys wink ;)

Yesterday I thought I would take my shopping trolley out for an airing, so I popped on the bus, introduced myself to the bus driver and nearly passed out at the price for the ride to my local town, about 3 miles away! £1.60!!!!! for one way! No surely not, surely he was having me on here! any way I paid my fair trying to not look too shocked, seeing as the last time I'd had a ride on a bus was about 25 years ago and the fair then, was about 30p! Luckily the bus was empty and I could sit down fairly quickly with my trolley next to me and to get over the shock of it all! he he!

I arrived in town, a little dishevelled, what with the shock of the fare, the struggle to get the trolley on the bus! and my getting up and down helping people to get on and off...I was ready to go home and have an afternoon nap! I strolled down the High Street, trolley in tow, I called in at the butchers to get some chops and sausages and placed them into the trolley, Oh how handy it was, I received a few nice comments about it too, which really made my day.

I wanted to treat myself, as I seem to be losing weight lately, and most of my clothes are too loose. It must of been all that moving furniture thats made me shift the pounds. Anyway I decided to look in a few charity shops and I found a wonderful Pink tunic in 'The British Heart Foundation' for £3.30 it was a size 18...and still had its labels attached. I was so Happy when I tried it on and it fitted, as I had previously been buying a size 24!

I had a little potter about town and a look in a few book shops, but decided that I would join the Library again to be a bit more greener. I then went back to the bus stop to catch the bus home. I didn't have to wait long either....Apart from the shock of the bus ride there, I really enjoyed my little trip out...I felt from the car, greener and more liberated for some reason....I'll definitely be taking my trolley out again! You never know I might set off a new trend :)

Bye for now.

Make, Do and Mend

What with the credit crunch here in Blighty and indeed most of the world, I thought that I would have a 'Make Do and Mend' weekend and do something crafty. I was inspired by the War Posters of WW2, this saying was one of a collection to boost morale amongst citizens and encouraged people to recycle unwanted or worn out items...

I so often go out to quaint little towns and wish that I were back at home, doing the things that I want to do, so rather than go anywhere last weekend, I stayed in! Its so rewarding, creating something that you have been wanting to do for ages....

I bought this little trolley last summer at a boot fair for £3.00 its brand new, and it was made of red vinyl, it had been staring at me for a very long you know the feeling! every time I passed it - it would say ' Remember me!' you were supposed to cover me!
So I decided to make a list of all the things that I wanted to MAKE, DO AND MEND! and it started with covering this trolley.
My wanting to do it was also inspired by this lovely picture (above)...cut out from a magazine...I think Country Living....and it looks to be covered with a Cabbages and Roses material which I love, but as I was spending no money I decided to cover mine with a vintage piece that I already had.
I was so chuffed with how it turned out and I will gladly pull this along with my shopping in tow, as now I live on a regular bus route (albeit the end of the line!) So I have decided to go green and take the bus more often....;0)

Keep watching for more MAKE, DO AND MEND crafts that I will be making shortly....bye for now.

A Happy New Life!

Well here we are in the middle of January, I don't really know how we have arrived here so quickly, but time does fly when you are having fun eh!....we have fitted 1 rather large house into 1 rather small cottage very well I think and in a very short space of time. It was a real daunting task, as there was just so much to do, and as Fred is a bit of a collectaholic....

We realized that we had miles to many bits and pieces to move with it was a downsizing effort on a Grand was all so daunting, as somehow I had to pack and move a lot of the things myself, you see my hubby Fred has been very ill lately, coupled with the fact that he had had a mild heart attack back in he was unable to lift things, we had our son away at University, so you know the saying 'its not what you know, but who you know'...well that was the case here, we had a great deal of lovely friends help us move, so several trips in a friends van and voila...We had done it!...We were moved in!
We choose our new house because apart from the fact it is beautiful and full of had recently been decorated with a new Kitchen which is lovely and compact, the windows are large and all the rooms but the dining room has a fireplace...complete with dado rails and quaint cupboards and lovely old doors and NO BLUE CARPET IN SIGHT!! he he he! (we now have a more neutral coir carpet in every room...Horaah!)

It was four weeks before Christmas...and we set about putting everything where we wanted...or rather Fred told me where to put it...and I put it there, bless him!....each evening I felt like I had done a complete workout...which was good, coz I always need to loose a few pounds.

Its funny isn't it that all your things don't really fit in like they did in your old house...I mean I thought as this house was half the size of the other house...only half of the things would fit in...but with the different sized rooms and all the little nooks and crannies....its just not the case, but we persevered and it started to look good rather quickly...once we placed items...we started to decorate it for a few sparkly lights always makes a place look like home, doesnt it!

We had a lovely Christmas...Our son Daz came home and we had Christmas Day altogether...I was even awake for the Queen's speech!
Fred is now on the mend although he has just recently been diagnosed with Sjogren's Syndrome and what with his Ehler Danlos we are trying to look on the brighter side of things, he is in a lot of pain but things could have been so different for us, we are getting through it together day by day, so hopefully this new house will be the start of happier times.

...And we are now in the middle of January already where did that time go, I still have to tweak and rearrange, to get the house into 'Happy loves Rosie' style, We also have a lovely garden now with three very old trees and lovely established bushes and shrubs and lots and lots of ivy all up the front of the house! We have also been watching the wildlife in the garden recently and so far we have spotted blue tits, robins, squirrels and rabbits...Ill be keeping you all posted on the progress of the house and garden in my posts through the year....See you all soon...

My First Giveaway...Open to all :)

I'll be back blogging again soon....but in the meantime I'd thought I'd giveaway this blog Header....use it as you wish...I only ask that you link back to me if you use it!

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year....I'll be back with another post very soon...