WOW...How can you resist!

Hi guys...If you are stuck for somewhere to go tommorow...then check out my favourite Sale of the Century (apart from ours of course!)...last time I was very selfish and never shared the details of this fantastic sale...but I am a little sad this weekend, as I have just said goodbye to my lovely son Daz...we left him in Canterbury today...he has gone to University and it has affected me more than I thought it would! Sniff Sniff! (I will miss him sooo much!)

So I thought I would do a good deed and cheer all of us Mums & Dads up that have had to say goodbye this weekend to their sons and daughters, who are going to letting you all know the whereabouts of this wonderful letting you all know this, once secret, piece of information will put a smile on my face!....Just look at the scrumptious antiques and collectables in my pictures...make sure you find time to visit our wonderful friends Maddie and Margaret and pick up a few bargains along with some tea and cake! Enjoy!

Look at these lovely Union Jack cushions.....I bought mine at the Country Living fair for £75.00 but M & M have them for £30.00 - £45.00...such a bargain for such an English Home Essential!

You must check out this place...the weather is going to be gorgeous....and there are plenty of bargains to be had here...all in the delightful setting of 'The Old Rectory'....if you do get to go...make sure you comment back and let us know what you will definitely cheer me up!

Heres the details.....

Just click on the see the address card in more detail.....

Oh and remember to tell Maddie and Margaret where you see the advert!

See you there!...

Love Happy x

Welcome to my Boudoir!

Earlier today, I was having a read of my blog and I realised that I have never wrote a post about my I thought, as I am about due to post a few pictures of my house again (I havn't added any pictures in ages! sorry!) I would show you my bedroom - so here goes, hope you like it! and it gives you some inspiration if you are thinking of decorating yours :0)....

And this is a picture of Golly....its been handmade and he is wearing this lovely BOLD 1970's jacket which looks sooo cute! I just had to have him...I have placed him all around the house on different chairs and on dressers, much to Freds disgust...he does not like my golly!....but I just had to have him, you see I am a traditionalist and lately, whether its an age thing or what...I don't know! I seem to be buying items from my, comics, annuals oh and coronation items...goodness knows why! anyway I remember collecting the tokens from the marmalade way back, so buying this lovely golly reminded me of my past and now he has pride of place on my bed! LOL!....I had better keep an eye on him though, I can imagine that fred might sling him off the balcony!LOL!

Sorry pictures are a bit on the dark side!.....Its been sooo dreary outside!

Bye for Now...Happy xx

Blogging Blog Headers!

I thought I would, show you some of my blog headers that I have created lately! I have deleted this blog now (took on too much through the summer!) but this blog banner will soon be available for sale on my website!

And this one is available NOW! :-

And this one (I will make them to fit your blog..Of course!) :-

Also bespoke blog banners are available....if you are interested!...check out my website...a link is at the top of this page!

And this is another of my you can see there is a theme running along here! I like vintage, retro and if thats what you like, then you had better check out my website...THEY ARE AVAILABLE NOW!

I have made these with all my own graphics and pictures, so you will be getting a unique piece of graphic art as well as a divine blog banner..(although I will sell them in batches of 5!)...

Love Happy xx

My Rosie

My beautiful Rosie has passed her exams...yes all three, she took Art, English and IT, and passed them all and she was only 14 at the time!...we are so proud of her. Next tuesday she will be embarking on a whole new experience....she will be starting an NVQ course in hairdressing, she will be learning the basics first, health and safety, Receptionist and general duties around the salon. She will be meeting new people, so it is a real big step for her...but she is taking it all in her stride...she is now 15, so she will be gaining vital experiences, much before any other girls her age...Have we done the right thing taking her out of mainstream school?....I think so!

Luv Happy x