Happy Christmas xx

We have just got back from a lovely evening with friends and I though I must just quickly do this blog, as I haven’t posted any pics for christmas yet!….Lots of things have been happening in the Happy household, but I will not bore you with the details now, as I need to be getting my beauty sleep and plus Santa will be arriving soon….and he won’t visit if he knows that I am awake! LOL!

I had a lovely lie in this morning, as I was up wrapping pressies till 2am this morning…listening to christmas carols on the radio and drinking some mulled wine with everyone asleep! It was bliss! 🙂

This afternoon we went out to drop a pressie round to a dear friend of mine…(I’ll be seeing her boxing day…can’t wait! xx) and on the way back we popped into a shopping centre to pick up a few last minute items….(I love the rushing around!) we dropped into Marks and Spencers (Fred calls them Marks & Expensive! hehe!) and to our surprise they were reducing alot of their food….I let fred wait with the trolley…while I battled with the other bargain hunters for food items with reductions that you have never seen in a shop like this! (sign of the times I suppose!) we managed to get a very large goose for £15.00 reduced from £55.00!!! and a turkey crown for £12.00 instead of £35.00! plus lots of other delights…we won’t go hungry through January thats for sure!

Anyway….these pictures are from Christmas Past and Present…you might see a few changes…coz we have downsized, Ill blog more about that in the New Year 🙂 I actually prefer living in a smaller house, its easier to clean. keeps tidier and because it is a victorian property, you cannot hear people moving around….I hated that where we were before….you could hear everything…I definitely prefer older properties, so much more history and features.

Ill go now and leave you with the rest of my Chrimbo piccy’s….Enjoy! xx

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Healthy and Prosperous New Year…

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