A fun day out in Whitstable

A fun day out in Whitstable was on the cards for a while and we were happy to take the opportunity up a few months ago, on a lovely warm day!  This is a favourite town of mine – so full of lovely Architecture and wonderful shopping, sprinkled with fantastic fish restuarants…a place definitely worth visiting! We visited a shop called Frank…it is a craft shop that showcases artists from Kent…and there really is so much talent all under this quirky little roof, you always come out of it with something, whether it be a little trinket or some inspiration to make something special yourself. In true blogging style I happened to have my camera with me and took these pictures…

In the back garden there were these lovely plaques made from driftwood and some weathered bricks… they have been hand painted in these lovely bright colours…
Inside there were knitted toys and bunting….perfect for little children’s bedrooms!

…and many books with funky styling techniques and craft making ideas….along with more knitted toys.

Further along the High Street is this lovely knitting shop with a difference….here they sell quirky button necklaces and reams of brightly coloured wool…this is a lovely shop…and one very worth wandering in to…this one definitely gets your creative juices flowing!

Here we stopped by to buy some vintage bottled lemonade and an ice cream….the shop owners here are sooo from my clan as they had vintage annuals in the window…exactly the same as mine!

This is a lovely funky little boutique called Polly Pleasance….you have to be a size 10 though!…and I am not sure whether it is still open these days as I am updating this post in 2022 so you might have to let me know, if you have recently visited this shop and know that it is still open!…but another shop that I know is there, is The Whiting Post run by Nicky and her family, they also have two other shops in the High Street called The Clothes Horse and FIG…all worth a visit!… I have fond memories of supplying Nicky [only having the one shop then – The Clothes Horse] vintage and second hand clothing, she had a distinctive style then and you can see that in her style, when you go to visit these lovely shops of hers.

…and here i have taken a picture of part of the High Street…see what i mean….the architecture is beautiful…we have often looked for a place to live here…but where the streets are narrow and the town is full of small fishermans cottages…there is no room for a car…and that has always put us off…which is a shame coz…Over the last few years it has made a wonderful holiday destination for the rich and famous from London….Janet Street Porter and a few others have made it there home here!…and you can see why eh!..so I should ditch my car and rub shoulders with the rich and famous shouldn’t I lol!

This trip inspired me to get crafty at home….a trip out to a wonderful place like this, is good for dusting out your cobwebs in your brain...sometimes you just need to get out and take in new surroundings…and looking at what other people have created helps you focus on your own ideas and designs….all this lead to me sorting out my buttons and putting together all of these crafts…..eventually!

Where have you been lately that has inspired you?…

What do you do to clear your head?



  1. Rabbit Hill Creations
    15th November 2008 / 7:59 pm

    What wonderful pictures…and thank you for the dose of inspiration!

  2. jenny holiday
    8th November 2008 / 7:39 pm

    ahhhhhhhh!!! Just so so so fab!! Aaron and I dream of visiting the UK….Whistable looks like a must see!! Thanks bunches for the lil getaway!!! LOVE the pics!!Love from the Jersey Shore,xoxo Jenny Holiday

  3. SweetPeaknits
    8th November 2008 / 7:46 am

    Pretty photos! I’ve only just come across your blog, so hello, I’m sure I’ll visit often – you’ve a lovely blog.

  4. prettyshabby
    7th November 2008 / 8:38 pm

    Whistable looks fantastic, a real old fashioned seaside town. I would love to visit there one day, it could almost be summer from those sunny pictures! I’m hoping to go somewhere inspirational tomorrow, but visiting interesting gardens always manages to make me come home and start digging things up and re-inventing my outdoor space. Have a great weekend x

  5. Sal
    6th November 2008 / 8:59 pm

    Thank you for taking me to a place,about which I know so little.A bit of a trek from where I live but one day I’d love to visit! 😉

  6. mollycupcakes
    6th November 2008 / 7:47 pm

    Whitstable has to be one of my favourite seaside places and holds lots of happy times for me. My Daddy used to lived there sadly he’s now moved to Norfolk. And we have as many trips there as we can in a year. Even taking Ben in the middle of Sept for a birthday picnic on the beach, how fabulous.Love ever single shop you photoed and would live there if i could.I want to be a seaside granny and have the little ones come to stay, heaven.Hugs,Catherine x

  7. Ziakoko
    6th November 2008 / 8:30 am

    we love Whitstable too-we buy loads of fish for the freezer and get slightly tipsy in the pub-but I know what you mean about the small streets there hardly much space for a pushchair let alone a car!

  8. Nostalgia at the Stone House
    5th November 2008 / 7:18 pm

    Hi Hayley – I was just about to comment that I had seen the painted wooden brick artworks on my recent visit to Southwold, Suffolk, but see that Teena has mentioned them too! They had some wonderful pieces of his work in a gallery there…I would have taken photos, but it didn’t look like it would have been allowed! Thanks for all the scrummy photos on your blog post – I agree that blogs are great inspiration, but getting into the big wide world is inspiring too.Happy Crafting!Niki x

  9. avalonrosedesign
    5th November 2008 / 2:14 pm

    Thanks so much for sharing all those lovely photos! There isn’t anything like that around here…maybe I need to take a little vacation and come visit! 😉

  10. Vintage Tea
    5th November 2008 / 1:58 pm

    Ohhh looks lovely, I think I need a trip there!Victoria x

  11. Kitschen Pink
    5th November 2008 / 9:03 am

    Blogworld! all the inspiring ladies (and fred!) who make me want to keep going back into the workroom (whether or not I ever actually get there, on my own, with space to do anything!).Whitstable looks like a real tonic! Although Polly Pleasance clearly needs nourishment – maybe some greasy chips and a bag of hot donuts? Do they sell those in trendy Whitstable? t.xxx (the printed brick man is from Norfolk !!)

  12. Kathleen aka Coffee Mom
    5th November 2008 / 3:53 am

    That looks like my kind of town! Thanks for the tour 🙂

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