I feel so honoured as I have been awarded an E for Excellence award….and it really did make my day….the actual day I received it had not been good….it was starting to be one of those weeks, if you know what I mean….where everyone wanted a piece of me…I had customers complaining….children being rude, and PMT pending…I was sure it was a full moon. I checked my emails in the morning, expecting to find more bad news when I received an email from my friend Emma @ Jellybelly*Jellybrain, she had awarded me it, and i was so thrilled….so a big thankyou to Emma…..

The rules are that I am to award another 5 people that I think deserve this award so here goes…Of course there are many gals that I would love to list, but I have decided to keep to these 5 people that I have enjoyed to read over the past year…..

1. Helle greer
2. Avalon Rose Design
3. Hollyhocks
4. Old flowers 4 me
5. Nostalgia at the stonehouse

Congratulations girls… I love you all – luv Happy x



  1. Happy
    13th May 2008 / 9:18 am

    Hi Niki – you are soooo sweet to nominate me back and thank YOU for saying Thank you, I understand you being busy don’t worry!…I love your blog, its so full of pretty things….Luv Happy x

  2. Nostalgia at the Stone House
    13th May 2008 / 7:51 am

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I feel so honoured, as your blog is amazing and to think you like little ol’mine! I would of course send the award straight back to you!I’m sorry that I haven’t thanked you sooner…its been one of those weeks….almost too hectic to cope with – but sorry again. And many congratulations to you – well deserved!Hope you are enjoying the wonderful weather,Take care and thanks again,Niki

  3. prettyshabby
    11th May 2008 / 6:21 pm

    I can’t leave this post with no comments!..I’ve already congratulated you as I think it’s very much deserved award, so I’ll just say thanks for your last is good to know I’m not must have the patience of a saint to home school..either that or you’re angelic-looking daughter is as angelic as she looks! I’ve had three days of it this week and it gave me one serious headache!!x

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