Simple Home Cookery by the Check Apron Girl

The Simple Home Cookery by the Check Apron Girl Cookery Book is a find that I bought at a local Boot Fair this weekend, this is a lovely Pocket sized book that you don’t come across that often and as you can imagine I was delighted as I fumbled through the papers that were on the floor and this little gem fell into my hands.  It is advertising Brown & Polson’s corn flour & Raisley’s raising powder and all the recipe’s inside feature the two ingredients.

In the first pages there is a brief history about the cornflour and the raising agent and an index of the recipes.  What appealed to me were the colours and the text, there is no date in the booklet but from the text style and the pictures I would place it around the 1930’s….What do you think?

Thats what I like about looking for vintage pieces – you never know what you will find! So interesting, these little snippets of the past, I love collecting old books and postcards, luckily my Nan was a hoarder and I have been working my way lately through suitcases of paper, photographs, letters and cards all pieces connected to me and my family. She was a great laugh and always had a smile and a cheeky twinkle in her eye, and whenever a song would start to play that she new, she would get out her mouth organ from her bag and start to play along!

This is a picture of (from left to right) My Mum, My Nanny Hilda, My Auntie Joyce and a friend of theirs.

And this is a picture of me as a baby with my Mum….



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