A Happy House Spring Clean

This weekend I have been having a major Happy House spring clean and sort out, Fred and I have finally, I think, got into a better routine….what used to happen is that I go to work all day and Fred was the house husband…but things were getting a little strained for both of us, as it wasn’t doing me any favours sitting down all day with no exercise and Fred’s joints have been playing up more and more, so it was getting difficult for him to do the house chores…and plus he used to do the house work in about an hour and a half….when it used to take me a good 4 hours….so you can imagine a year of cleaning like that!….it was depressing me! Now we have started to share everything, I have taken on more things to help him and he helps me with the business side which enables him to sit down more…this is working out so much better for each of us and we are having more free time together, which is lovely…

So on Friday I decided to get a grip on things, black bags, bleach, washing up liquid all at the ready, my Cath Kidstonicon pinny tied on tight and I was ready for action!….I was conquering the top floor and as I polished, moved furniture, bleached and washed linen it was becoming rather therapeutic, not having done this for a while, I was finding I was really enjoying it. You see what with Fred being house husband, he used to do things his way, RUSHED! …I am not knocking him, as he does do rather a lot in one day, he wares me out just watching what he gets up to!

I just felt everything needed a womans touch…..So eight hours later, swollen ankles, bad back and aching limbs…LATER, I had managed to clear 3 black sacks of rubbish from Rosie’s room plus 8 black sacks full of boot sale clobber. 1 black sack of rubbish from our room, plus 2 black sacks of boot sale items…..2 black sacks of rubbish from Daz’s bedroom (1 full of empty Dr pepper bottles!) and a whole sack full of black socks from down the side of his bed! THATS WHERE THEY ALL ARE! (check down the side of the bed gals for all the odd socks that you have lost over the years!) & One black sack of unwanted BROKEN boot sale items, only fit for the bin!

Any way it had taken me a whole day to Spring clean one floor, and then on Sunday I tackled the middle floor, which has the Living room, dining room and kitchen….rubber gloves firmly on, tackling this floor was a bit of a doddle, with my initiation on Friday, I found this floor easier and more fun, as I was happy to find new places for our wonderful finds from the French Markets and Margaret’s & Maddie’s Garden Sale.

Then lastly I tackled the ground floor, which holds the craft room and laundry room, this floor was fun as I couldn’t wait to sort out my paper and photograph collections…I have included pictures in this blog of the newly arranged items that I had forgot we had…polishing everything and re-arranging is just what the doctor ordered!…

I now realise that I have too many things but because I love them all I can’t possibly part with them….oh well…..I guess we’ll have to move to a bigger house so that we can buy some more!…The Royal Albert Hall will do! hahaha!

Bye for Now xx

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  1. Teena
    4th June 2008 / 7:49 am

    So…can fred post his tips on doing it in 1 hour?! Given that you have 3 floors and 2 teenagers, I reckon that would mean I should be able to have my home spick and span in around 20 minutes…..? But what fun sorting such lovely lovely bits and pieces! Love the cute ‘Happy and Fred’ ornaments! t.x

  2. MB
    29th May 2008 / 1:00 am

    Happy, if my house looked half as amazing-me thinks i could actually enjoy cleaning!!!oh! what are the little wooden cuties on the left side in the French finds photo??Every photo and object is simply wonderful!!I loved the pic of your mom ,you and your nanaxomb

  3. Jennifer
    28th May 2008 / 12:02 am

    What a load you had to do! Im sure you feel much better now :)Take Care!!!

  4. Kali
    27th May 2008 / 12:27 am

    Hi Happy ~ it all looks like a hard slog, but the feeling of satisfaction is soooo worth it!Having a good old scrub and clean makes you appreciate all the lovelies we tend to forget about, move things around and feel refreshed with our surroundings.Well done, you deserve to put your feet up :)My hubby and I both work from home, and it’s a juggling act for sure. It’s great to work as a team.p.s. Sade is so smooth, I’ve long admired her.

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