Horaah! I'm a Brunnette!!

Ive have been transformed today, I am now a brunette, I have gone from being a blonde for 40+ years to a brunette...and I am sooo happy!!

Oh and P.S...You must listen to my cool tunes down below on the right hand side, especially the first one 'Summer in Paris' we used to play that in our shop quite a lot, so some of you might recognise it!....I thought it is the perfect backdrop to read my blog...especially as the sun is going to be shining this weekend and we will be in Paris! Have a good weekend girls.

Luv happy x

Brocante Candy!

Were off to France this weekend in search of some lovely enamel and trinkets....so LOOK at what Fred found in a Charity Shop near our local Post Office - YES the perfect Brocante accessory....A WICKER TROLLEY! yeh! I'm sure we'll be fighting over it! He's kitted it out over at his blog as the perfect Bootsale Trolley and I've kitted it out as the perfect Brocante trolley, complete with my wellies, an umbrella (vintage of course!) My beret, a large strawberry bag and an apron! Goodness knows why I have put an apron in the basket....but it looks good!....and you never know, someone might ask me to make some cupcakes enroute!!

WATCH THIS SPACE for an update on what we managed to find!

Luv Happy x

Hairdressers and Coffee!

Now I know things are getting dearer these days.....but come on! why is it that the cost of a trip to the hairdressers and a cup of coffee seem to be going right off the rictor scale when it comes to paying for them!

Coffee used to be between 50p - £1.25 per cup, but lately you have so many choices and somehow the price has rocketed to between £2.90 and £3.90.....FOR A CUP OF COFFEE!! I think its scandolous....and whilst we are on the subject HAIRDRESSERS! Well they are a law unto themselves!

Rosie and I had a mobile hairdresser to the house the last time we had our hair done....I had highlights and a cut and Rosie had just a few highlights around her parting, we washed our own hair with our own shampoo, because she had run out of her own...she used our electricity and left a mess on the floor all for a tidy sum of £97.00. I was totally gobsmacked!! how she got to this amount I really do not know....she had been coming to the house a few times, but that time was the last - why oh why do they charge so much?

Now I am faced with having my hair cut again - its long overdue, because I hate the fact of paying so over the top, I am not tight but I do not like to be ripped off for a service that has gotten all out of proportion...and reading a price list these days, means you need a degree, because you are faced with so many prices, one for the Graduate Stylist and one for the Ordinary Stylist or the Head Stylist...all different prices and of course no matter who you talk to in the salon, even if you have totally decided that the spotty young assistant at the desk is definately the graduate, and then you slowly begin to realise that she IS infact the Head Stylist!

So Hairdressers and Coffee two things that in my mind are totally overpriced...but we all seem to pay it anyway. I am visiting a new hairdressers tomorrow, well actually I have been to them before a few years ago, i have worked out from their price list that it will probably cost about £125.00 as I am thinking of having full head colour, a cut and a wash and some highlights on top of that - phew its hard work just thinking about it isn't it!....all that standing on your feet etc etc. Still perhaps its the price of coffee that makes the Hairdressers soooo expensive!!

Still I've had fun on this little site....
'Hairmixer.com' you do not have to give your email address....you do not have to pay...or sign up for anything! Its all free...try it - especially if you are thinking of changing your hairstyle or colour. You just upload a picture of yourself and swap faces with the stars its so fun!

Heres a few of me! sorry NO makeup on so its all a little scary!

But I love my new chiselled chin, broad shoulders and BIG Chest!

Bye for now - Luv happy x

New Cath Kidston Store...Tunbridge Wells

I just thought I should update you on our trip to the new 'Kidston' store in our neighboring town 'The Royal Tunbridge Wells'....to any of you that have already been - you will too, be totally amazed...visiting this new treat, was like being in your favorite candy shop and not knowing what sweets to choose first! The 1930's building is full of nooks and crannies, with a staircase that has a landing with a fully kitted out dressing table, full of lovely toiletries, vintage hairbrushes and girlie trinkets, leading to the top floor with a bed full of vintage quilts and other gorgeous delights....I so wanted to take pictures for you all to see, but i made the mistake of asking, rather than just going ahead, and got told that I couldn't, which is such a shame because it would be more free advertising!

This store is such a credit to Cath, I really do think it is the best one yet....believe me, we have been to them all, being fans of her wares since she opened her first store in 1992 in the famous Notting Hill, we feel we have evolved with her.

This style is a kind of follow on really, you see we used to dress the kids in Oilily, but when they got to the age where we weren't allowed to choose their clothes any more, we turned to decorating our home shabby chic style - before this we liked decorating with more blues, browns and natural tones. We started collecting vintage fabrics and eclectic clutter every week at the local antique markets, jumble sales and bootsales.

I remember in the early days, when visiting Notting Hill that Cath used to pop in with Stanley, she would always say hello and Stanley would make a bee line for his basket under the counter....ahh those were the days!.....We have even sold some of our vintage material and shabby ornamental pieces to her before now, back then we had a van and she was quite happy to jump in the back and sort through all of our wares. Fred's claim to fame is saying that he has actually had Cath Kidston in the back of his van!! LOL!

Anyway as you can tell from my blog, we are very BIG fans and I hope the reason that we do not see her in stores now is because she is floating along on a LILO somewhere hot, sipping cool Margherita's.....Where would we be without her vision for beautiful things....the same beautiful things, that every time you look at a tea cosy, teapot or ironing board cover, you just cant help thinking about your Nan......and times past.....Nostalgia you cant beat it!

Thanks Cath.....xx

Further Update.....I managed to get my new summer handbag and the basket and the windbreak....I tried the hat on, but as I have a bump of knowledge (my Dads words!!) it didnt fit! drat!!...but I did manage to get the matching LILO and beach ball - Yeh! I like having second birthdays @/*-*\@

Luv happy xx


Birthday wish No. 1

Hello folks, this is my wish list for this weekend, you see I have decided that it can be my birthday this week.....it is actually in December....but I hate having a birthday in December, so like the Queen herself I have decided to be greedy and have two!!! (not that the queen is greedy or anything, in-fact I love the Royal family!).

Birthday wish No. 2

Guess what....as luck would have it! it also co-insides with the Grand Opening of CK store in The Royal Tunbridge Wells! so thats another excuse to have two birthdays!...anyway, I was just browsing through Cath's website (you've done yourself proud this time kid!) when I spotted a bag like my old one but in this new summer print.....oh no! it has to be mine!....then I spotted a basket, perfect for the beach and will match my khaki tankini!...so I just had to have the beach hat to match.

Birthday wish No. 3
We'll I thought I was done, but no!......A windbreak! perfect for camping in Norfolk (I love Norfolk!)......

Right now I am all Set.....Tankini.....handbag..... Basket ......hat......windbreak, Oh next time Cath do remember to design some Flip Flops and Sunglasses and then I'd be complete!.....

Birthday wish No. 4
I have decided not to leave you with any pictures of me in my tankini.....as the diet is not going to well ;0( at the moment, so ill wait until I've had some surgery! (phew I'll need alot of surgery!)....Perhaps i should put that on my new birthday list!

What would you put on yours?

bye for now ;0) luv Happy xx


Hello folks - Max reporting...yes I am all well and good, I havn't been able to get near the computer for a while, as happy has been doing all sorts to her blog!....can you see it!...Up all night and day tinkering around!...Loosing everything and then finding it all again tut tut when will she ever learn! still persistance paid off and with the help of a very good web designer friend, she managed to get the three column look with a background in blogger!...

Woof!....In the process Mum decided to make up other blogs under her profile...(SEE PROFILE), she created this Edith and Bella blog...I am not quite sure what she is going to blog about here...but it looks nice....if you want to be added to the friends list, please leave comments or email her otherwise she will get rather depressed....and she then forgets to give me treats and you wouldn't want me to waste away now would you!

She also created a Havershams4u blog (funky clothing 4 all) and a Hilda Bloom blog, which she is calling her alter ego....its going to be the not so happy side...which should be quite funny....because often the rotten things that happen in life, we can all sympathsize with and laugh about afterwards!....I can feel something brewing at the moment....something that she isnt very happy about at all, but you'll have to have a look over there soon!

And finally....this is terrible - Am I loosing my mind! look here I was browsing through mum's magazines when I found this picture from Marie Claire idees.....from June 2007!!!, now I have seen this picture again from another magazine just recently....is it Marie Claire again or is it another magazine? please help Woof!

Must go now.....got an appointment with my next door neighbours cat....she's my girlfriend!!! well it IS the 21st century!!

Luv Max Woof Woof xx