Love it....!

Brick lane.......

On the way back from Columbia Road, we visited Brick Lane, an old haunt of ours, from years ago and just on the corner is a vintage warehouse called 'Beyond Retro'. Now this warehouse/jumble sale type shop claims to have around 10,000 items for sale, and I can totally believe it....just look at the clobber!

So of course we had to pop in and have a look....I had my camera set so that the flash didn't go off and took all these pic's to show you what it was like, Fred kept telling me to stop! because they wouldn't allow it if they knew....but what the heck!....I just couldn't resist!
So heres a few snippets into this East End Boutique....Honestly girls, if you are ever over for a not forget to let us know, we will be able to take you to many haunts that we frequent around London and beyond! to make your holiday truly superb!

This is all so vintage chic....check out those gloves!

And just up my street....Primary colours - I love 'em!

Spot the Jellies!....Honestly folks this was a trip down memory lane....there was many more shoes, heaps of bags and jewellery...there was a mens section with all kinds of accessories for them.....which was great coz while their browzing you can be left alone to look too!......The pretty petticoats took me back to being a girl in the 1970's, I used to have a ruffly petticoat like that in my dressing up box!...didnt we all!...but did you dance around the living room in it to the Bay City Rollers!! Hmmm P'haps NOT!

I have been a window dresser in my time and would of love to of stayed there all night to arrange the shelves and pretend I was shopkeeper again.....Ill have to blog about my shop I have got pics somewhere....thats another story!

This place is heaven.....I wonder if they need a new assistant!

WOW look at those!.....

On the way home I thought I would defintely blog more about the East End....You see Fred is from this part of London and I am from the West End....thats why I always feel at home with 'cath'! (all of her shops seem to be there!) I think I will blog more about where we came from - it should be interesting as Fred's family are typical Eastenders, salt of the earth and all that!....and my family are typical Westenders........all very worth blogging about!

To be cont'd......
Luv Happy xx


Hi again - its me - I have just managed to amend my blog and make it 3 columns - Horaah! Fred will also be pleased as I have been staying up till all hours, because I wasnt going to let it beat me! ok so I have not got the side panels with ze spots but hey ho...I quite like it how it is.....Ill leave you with a pretty picture....luv happy x


I have been trying to get three columns on this blog for a while no avail!! and tonight I nearly made it - only to delete quite a lot off, without realising it....Oh why oh why can you not add a 3 column blog to your templates blogger!!! it would save me all this hassle....its very late and my character is to not be beaten! although I must go to bed soon, otherwise I will end up being sooooo grumpy tomorrow, I actually want a 3 column blog but with side panels so that I can have a spotty background! any ideas folks!

Please do not be put off by the lack of colour on my page - I have lost all links etc until I put new ones on! and that will take sometime - so Please bare with me....still Its a good excuse for a spring clean! Tell you what though - I am a bit scared now to attempt it again! for fear that I will lose the lot! even though I have backup....theres no telling what mood this blogger stuff can get in - whether it will let you upload it or not!!! It has a mind of its own!!.......speak to you soon - luv Not so happy!!!! :0(

P. S.....I have lost links on my side panel, so If you are similar minded to me, whether you were on my list or not, could you please leave a comment, with a link to your blog - this way it will make it easier for me to link back to you!....and hopefully you will link back to me too! What a great way to make more friends! ;0) thanks xx

This is my kinda Happy day!

Its easter so heres some soulful gospel singing - I would of added the 'sister act' version but when I heard this, it bought Happy tears to my eyes....all this has been spurred on by 'Counting your Blessings' blog....she moved me with her video....I hope I inspire you with mine - god bless and have a good one!

sung by Sylvie Desgroseilliers

Luv Happy xx
Hello everyone - we have been decorating the house for the Easter Holidays just recently, well actually we started last week and the preparations started with a trip to Columbia Road, well it is a flower market...and remember from last time they do have rather lovely rather than write too much, I have decided to talk you through some pictures for an easter treat, its better for the figure as well ;0)!

Spring is on its way, the sun is shinning thought the windows, so we thought we had better get some dafs and tulips to decorate the house - what a lovely time of the year!

Fred has been collecting odd chairs from the local boot sales through the winter, he never paid more than £2.00 for each one as that was his budget!...theres bargains to be had in the dreary rain you know! The other day he painted them all odd colours and also made the teacup candlabre over on the left hand side....all that and I was still trying to teach myself frontpage!!....Ill be a computer Whizz yet! I just wish I was born 20 years later so it would all make sense a little quicker!!

Beautiful Easter flowers.....what a delight!...OooOooh and this little chickadee was purchased at the Country Living fair....This show really gets you in the mood for Easter!....Although there was more clothes there than I would of liked but never mind it is a great show!

Ive just thrown this picture in for good measure as the little girl with her watering can and the boy with a wink in his eye reminded me of happy times and I thought as this was a blog full of 'Happy pics' I should include it! we are in the thick of it last sunday....sourcing our Easter Flowers....

Heres Fred.....Just bought a lovely load of bulbs in this chic tub!....

Sorry to these people that got in the way of my picture...This is the only hussely bussely picture i have, but i hope you get the drift of the high street scene....there are growers from all over the place that come to this market and it is so much cheaper than the garden do bare that in mind folks when you next need a palm for the garden!

Heres a few of my favourite shops....




And this little shop....I forget the name of it but i am sure one of you will be able to remind me!

....And then look what we found! Fred and Kev having a sneeky Cumberland sausage roll!!!

So of course we had to have one too - but there is no pic (or no evidence I should say!)....sorry! You see when you are the photographer, no one gets to take your photo!!

I wanted to take all of these home as my Nan and Granddad used to have them in their front garden and they remind me of old times....You know when families used to get together around the piano and have a good old sing song!

And this is 'Treacle' - they sell such Divine little cakes....with all the 1950's you know why we love it here!

...And here I am at last....a picture of me!!!

I hope all of you have a lovely easter and ill see you on the other side.....all the best - luv happy xx


I do not believe in all this ghosty stuff...but i nearly did the other night!....You see I was up late, working on my computer...drifting off to sleep, when suddenly I was woken by my chair shaking slowly from side to side, it startled me! but thought "well I was on my way to the land of zzzzzz! so I didn't think much of it!

.....a few moments later, it happened again!...Yikes!!!! I have never been a believer of ghosts and all that milarkey! but I was convinced, a ghost was trying to shake me off the chair......I quickly looked around, the light had blown earlier than day and I only had the dim light of my work lamp!! as I looked around quickly, in that fearful (please let there be nothing there!) look. I quickly scurried upstairs, Max (the dog) was following hurriedly behind!...a bit like a scene from scooby doo!....Honestly I have never hot footed it up the stairs so quick!!

I got into bed and awoke Fred....Fred! Fred! I said.....I think a ghost, has tried to shake me off the chair.....half asleep, he assured me that I would be ok and not to worry.....It took me a while to get to sleep, but in the morning as Fred was bringing me breakfast in bed he said, 'I think I have your answer to the Ghost problem!'...and as I looked at the Paper, the headlines were about the Earthquake we had around 1 o'clock in the morning....just around the time that I thought that darned ghost had tried to get me off the chair! Phew! What a relief! and although the epi centre was up North...our house is built on stilts or whatever they call it in the building trade, hence the house swaying!.....

Global warming!! its definately happening folks - who'd of thought old blighty would have an earthquake....I must just say, I do hope everyone that was directly involved is ok and my prayers do go out to each and everyone of you......Keep making those changes bags...cycling to work.....unplug at night....every little helps!

I am a great believer of fate and the will of the fact I think 'the mind' is the most powerful tool of all.....perhaps that is where the ghosts come from!! Have people actually seen them....or is it your mind making you see them!!.......oooh so sorry, I am getting too deep here!!!!

Bye for now folks - luv Happy x

Hi Girls......

Hi girls - yes I am still here, but have been very busy lately, as indeed most of us are this time of year. We had a wonderful Christmas & I hope you all did too!....and now it seems to be countdown to Easter, although we do not go very overboard with our decorations for easter as we do for Christmas!

Putting away all those decorations took forever! and we never seem to put everything back where it belongs, hence a few items have been packed away in the boxes to be found again next year...what fun! - I love opening the christmas boxes, just to find the things that I had forgotten about!....It took us forever to tweak and tweak our house back to the way we like it, but then thats half of the fun, finding more treasures out and about, and moving shelves here and pictures there!.....its what January and February are all about.....but now the sun is shining (although still cold!) and suddenly its time for Spring Cleaning!....because soon we will have to put our clocks forward 1 hour and then we will have darker mornings (boo!) much much lighter evenings (horaah!) I love the lighter evenings, because I am always running late! so it seems like I have many more hours to run late in! if you know what I mean!

Any way enough natter natter and on with the pictures...I havn't taken any for a while, I did take some of my best Christmas pressies, but didnt actually blog about that :( sorry! Ill have to take some more pictures of the house soon, meanwhile Ill leave you with these......

Oh but wait! I must just say THANK YOU to all those lovely ladies that left a comment about my poorly cough!...It took about 6 weeks to finally get over it! I NEVER want a cough like that again I was so ill!...In the end a nip or two (or was it three! hic!) of Jack Daniels definitely helped and now its my favorite tipple!!

Heres a few newbie pictures.....Enjoy! and speak to you all sooner rather than later!

Heres a little pic of my gorgeous cupcake book Yum a collection of my vintage sewing pieces.

This is a picture of the Hall re-arranged after christmas decs have been taken down!

My new wellington boots Pre sale I might add!....Hmmm I have a bone to pick with Cath!!

Some lovely Christmas Pressies - thankyou to all xx

My cute Stanley holdall.....

Bye for now my friends - Luv Happy xx