Hello – Yes I am still Alive!!!!!….well Just!

Hi girls – so sorry to of not posted for a while – it has been very hectic here in the ‘Harris’ household as you will of seen by Fred’s posts we had Darryl’s birthday and it was the preparation for that and me trying to do everything else that had sort of worn me out completely.Actually I had decided to ‘give up’ this blog, because I have so many other things to do!….and had been taking on many more tasks….since we shut our shop last November, Fred and I had never been in a routine…..but now finally, I think we are, so now I can find the time to carry on with this blog, which actually brings me so much joy and accomplishment.When I was trying to do everything myself, I was doing each task not very well – through the summer I neglected my Ebay shop totally – but I must admit, we did have some great times going camping and all that fun stuff, I do not regret any of that….as those kind of memories last forever don’t they!……but a few things have had to be laid to rest, like the ‘Happylovesrosie’ website…..that is going to have to be closed for a while, perhaps until the new year, or beyond, but I will keep you all posted…actually it never really got off the ground, sorry folks, again I have too many good ideas for my own good!…..and the Etsy store never got off the ground either, did it! ah well – now I have finally decided I havn’t got any time to do those things, let alone well (you know I am a perfectionist)….and coming to those decisions, I find I don’t get so many headaches!Fred is now house husband, (thats him above, he even does the shopping!) he brings me tea and coffee all day long, he makes breakfast, lunch and Dinner and cleans the house (although I do have to help him with that a little, as he has got bad arthritus and plus a man can’t clean like a woman can clean! if you know what I mean! 😉 x) – all while I am in the basement working!….The other day when I went upstairs to the kitchen, I caught him with a pinny on, singing away, cooking our tea….yes girls, our lives are working out very well now….I must admit the business woman in me thought for a second – perhaps I could rent him out! LOL!..And I though I would leave you with a picture of my chair – yes girls I have been living in this now for around 6 weeks, working away, occassionally getting up to take pictures and alas to say that my bottom is taking the shape of it!…..Diet starts January!…and how can I forget Christmas….that will be my next post – I am taking timeout of my schedule to take the pictures of our decorations – we have been putting them up for about two weeks now – so it has evolved. Fred has put most of them up – being that his job now as house husband, but I have insisted on doing some of them and of course we have bought them together…….next week we are going away for my birthday to Cologne and the Christmas markets, so we will either post before then or after when we come back, as you never know we could even buy some more decorations!!! Heres a preview – speak to you all soon – luv happy xx



  1. Carrie J
    11th December 2007 / 2:26 pm

    I can’t find how to email you privately. I was wondering if I could use one of your pictures in a post where I linked to your site. Thanks.

  2. regina barnett
    4th December 2007 / 2:21 pm

    i’m glad that you are back. i love coming to visit you. come and visit me sometime.

  3. oldflowers4me
    29th November 2007 / 9:09 pm

    oh darling friend- i 2 thought you had gone-im so glad your still here, as i love to hear all about your live’s and about london- im making a pot of jasmine tea- would you like a fairy cake with your cup of tea….lalala love jo

  4. Christie
    29th November 2007 / 12:32 am

    I love your blog,I leave feeling “happy”. Thanks from Oklahoma.

  5. Happy @/*_*@
    28th November 2007 / 8:05 am

    Just letting you know that although in my post it might of sounded that i was giving this blog up – I AM DEFINATELY NOT – I enjoy it too much – I will be posting more now – now that fred and I have our routines sorted out – I love you all too much. …Luv happy x

  6. Jen
    27th November 2007 / 11:28 pm

    Welcome back we’ve missed you!!! So jealous of Koln and the Christmas markets… although we are off to Paris on 21st December for Christmas in France, so I’ll make up for it over there LOL

  7. marybeth
    27th November 2007 / 5:54 pm

    Dearest Hayley,I completely understand the time it takesw to find just the right focus and rythmn. I will miss you here, but will keep tabs on Fred’s Blog and of course checkout your e-bay =)Have you two ever thought of hosting a tour of England shopping? I would come in a heartbeat!Love * Peace,MB in Joshue Tree

  8. aniexma
    27th November 2007 / 4:55 pm

    Well, I’ll miss your blog, though I understand completely about having too many good ideas for one’s own good. I love your bright happy colours (even that shot of Fred at the market), it’s like colour follows the two of you everywhere. You’re such an adorable family.

  9. elise
    27th November 2007 / 4:28 pm

    glad to see you’re back. don’t spread yourself too thin!

  10. Lisa
    27th November 2007 / 2:28 pm

    YOU’RE ALIVE!!! I thought you and Fred both dropped off the face of the earth! Glad to see that I was wrong. I totally understand about *to many ideas, not enough time (or energy, money, whatever).*I am looking forward to new posts and pictures. See if you can catch Fred in that pinny! If you can’t rent him out (or lend him to me for free!), how about a poster of the Ultimate Man?

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