My Son Daz What an Inspiration!

Well what do you know, there I was minding my own business, when suddenly I found myself on my son Darryls MYSPACE page (not being nosey!) I had to read it and I was soo pleasantly surprised – you see he had been going through a rather bad patch – Adolescence! and I was beginning to wonder whether it was ever going to end!  But now we have seemed to of got to the other side, as he has finally got himself a job! He has also given up World of Warcraft which is an online game that seems to have teenage boys hooked! and finally decided what he wants to do when he leaves the 6th form.  It seems to of all turned out tickety boo – thank goodness!

Anyway he has always been good at English, he finds it very easy to put words into sentences, and to my surprise rather than finding an ‘AnGrY’ MYSPACE page, it was all rather lovely, yes, he had nice dance music playing and he had written this about himself which makes me think that he will definately go far – what do you think – here goes :-

“My name is darryl I’m going to try and explain a few things that i have done, think, and would like to do this may take a while so bare with me.  Firstly, appearances are deceiving, i have learnt this all too well over the years and despite my awareness of it, i still conform judgements to the rules that contradict it. I do judge books by their cover, thats just human instinct in which case i render my next point futile, however, i will still make it…Don’t judge me by what you see, the outside is a combination of effort / lack of effort (depending on the mood i am at the time ) and unecessary vanity, a virtue which i can at least admit, and am not in denial about, unlike a vast majority of society.  I do very little, and i’m not particularly proud of it, i am currently unemployed and am often classed as a “geek”,  i have very few what i would call friends, apart from the obvious exceptions, i am generally friendly to each person i meet, but my general opinion may differ. This is construed as being “two faced” or “bitchy” but each person has a varying number of aspects of their personality they can unleash at different times and if you do not like a specific part of it, then i am not fussed with your company.

Solitude is often the path in life that gives the highest rewards.  Other people inspire trust, belief, hope and fate.  These are all theories which rely too heavily on chance, and cannot be changed, affected, by oneself.  I have loved, lusted, admired, and felt jealousy, with the ominous feeling of infinity draped around my shoulders.  Infinity is an incomprehensible concept, however our subconcious deals with it everyday, each emotion feels final, or as if it means everything, we allow our mind to become too full with thoughts, thus generating such a response.

This is simply not true. I am almost 18, and there are a number of things i am yet to experience, henceforth my own opinion of my outlook should be slightly more uplifting.”I’m always Happy!””Im so depressed” each statement is as damning as each other, through want of each for attention you gain neither, other than a overwhelming sense of self pity and projection that is simply null and void.

Your self perception is a startlingly different idea to that which people have of you… the faster you learn that, the better it is,  people are selfish creatures, who may do things that appear good natured and well planned, but are following basic codes that reappear in all aspects of life and nature, being accepted, fitting in, these are things that so many people strive for, if inadvertently by acts of good will, which achieve this goal in the end.

Afterall i am at a loss i fear, realisation of my own faults only reveals others in a plainer light and my relationships with people, friends has taught me a valuable lesson of the amount of trust that can be lavished upon someone without advantage being taken.  i sincerely hope that throughout life you take most opportunities to be happy and pursue it each day.  Just remember that the people around you do not make you who you are, you choose who you are around those people.”

Written by Darryl Harris Aged 17 years…What an Inspiration!

As you can imagine, I am so proud to call him my son, he is so talented – I had tears in my eyes….he has definately gone on a long journey through adolescence and come out the other side, a wonderful young man…and I am so proud and love him very much.I thought I would share this with you all – just incase there is any of you going through a bad patch with your kids, it does all end and they do turn out just fine – trust me – with a little nurture and guidance….it all turns out fine in the end.

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  1. vintagelaundress
    5th December 2009 / 4:39 pm

    This is marvelous – how proud I know you are! I know a little something about pride, I have 2 wonderful children myself!

  2. coco ramone
    30th November 2007 / 10:02 am

    ha that’s infront of faline shop in harajuku!!! woah I wanna be there now tooo >___

  3. fashionhayleytokyo
    19th November 2007 / 12:14 pm

    Hey. Is that photo of your son taken in Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan?

  4. Anonymous
    10th November 2007 / 4:10 am

    What an amazing young-man! So well spoken and written, especially the last few lines, could be a famous quote someday! And I just love his style and he’s so handsome, I hope our son is cool like that when he gets older. About the home-schooling (that’s what we call it here in the U.S. in case you don’t already know)…….it’s great, I plan on doing the same for our son and possible 2nd child. Things are so bad in most of the public-schools here in the U.S. especially, I mean really bad, guns, drugs, sex, and a lot more. You’ve done the right thing, I to think that are more mature than their public-school counterparts, (of course there are exceptions)………You have to protect them so much more these days. BTW, love your blog and your style! It’s incredible…………. 🙂

  5. The Machinist's Wife
    28th October 2007 / 10:34 am

    Hello HappyI can see that the words of your son has touched many people’s hearts! Have you told him? It’s always so good to hear compliments, especially when the lads are so young. My own dear Lad, my “Favourite Son”, as I call him, amazes me in the most profound ways. I think you can’t help thinking of your own son, when you are talking with/ reading the words of another dear lad the same age, you know? Anyway, say hello to Darryl for us? He’s surely got his head screwed on the right way. Kindest,HelenThe Machinist’s Wife at Blogspot, Australia

  6. Cowboys & Custard
    27th October 2007 / 8:17 am

    Wow… Is all I can say.. my words would not do justice to this beautifully eloquent piece of writing..I hope my son will be able to articulate in such a fluent way in 4 years time!Michele

  7. Amy Wagner
    8th October 2007 / 5:03 pm

    What an insightful young man. you should be very proud…proud indeed.Amy

  8. Little Stitcher
    30th September 2007 / 6:54 pm

    what wonderful people.

  9. Lori
    26th September 2007 / 1:06 pm

    Glad to meet you and your family! Your some is such an unbelieveably talented young man! And your daughter is only fourteen and such a beautiful young lady! Love your home and would love to visit the Kidston store!!!! Will visit again! Lori in the U.S.

  10. burd
    21st September 2007 / 5:36 pm

    we are just riding into the storm, i’m afraid with our 14 almost 15 year old daughter. thanks or the encouragement.and, btw, she would find your son absolutely gorgeous. 😀 and their outfitts would match. hehe

  11. oldflowers4me
    21st September 2007 / 10:27 am

    i have to say its friday night here in australia and im sipping my champagne- you have made me ball my eyes out-you boys words about books by there cover,your beautiful boy looks so young and heathy – our boys need to meet-my- jordys like your son- sweet divine… the young years are not kind to them as they have the biggist hearts and souls-thank god they have there mothers to -look out for them-it gets better and it takes each day- there like a good tree – it grows- and thats our boys- oh what do i know -with 4 children-love jo anderson… i hope he finds his dream…

  12. maggiegracecreates
    20th September 2007 / 12:55 pm

    I will be linking to here as well today. This is amazing to read. I am 42 and have only come to some of this understaing recently. you are rightfully proud – with or with out these words. Have a wonderful day.

  13. Kristy
    18th September 2007 / 10:13 am

    As a mother, who’s eldest 2 girls are just heading into the unknown of teenagehood, it’s very comforting to read such wise words. xxx

  14. MB in JTREE
    18th September 2007 / 6:12 am

    WOW! WOW! WOw!Your precious son has an amazing gift for writing!!!We rode the rough storm and also found the other side produced an amazing young women-also a writer and poet.Id say -you have nothing to worry about after reading the clear concise and passionate self understanding your son has.Namaste,mb in jtree

  15. Cece Marie
    17th September 2007 / 9:42 pm

    Wow! Wise beyond his years! I never thought I’d be taking reflections on life to heart from a 17 year old boy but clearly he is not just any 17 year old boy! “Solitude is often the path in life that gives the highest rewards.” That is truly poignant! As is…”The people around you do not make you who you are, you choose who you are around those people.” Wow! Job well done Mum! You have every reason to be proud of your boy! Cece

  16. Kat-in-a-flap.
    17th September 2007 / 5:48 pm

    What a wonderful,deep,individual ,talented thoughtful,expressive,articulate young man,my son is an individual,he has a special haircut and way of dressing,I would be proud for him to be like Daryl by the time he’s 18,Best wishes to you,Kat xxxx

  17. Angel Jem
    17th September 2007 / 4:46 pm

    Proud Momma, heh? It’s lovely when you get a glimpse into ‘their’ world and see that they are growing up ‘right’, that they’re not at all what we feared they were. You must be proud! (and I have now stopped commenting. Whew! Only 4 months caught up in 2 hours!)

  18. Miles Away In France
    17th September 2007 / 12:48 pm

    Sorry, I don’t want to bombard you with comments.I just listened to track no 3 of your little music player thingy in the sidebar.Brilliant, Brilliant, right up my street thoroughly enjoyed it.No 4 has just started and it sounds just as good.Racheal x

  19. Miles Away In France
    17th September 2007 / 12:40 pm

    Hi, I came directly from Cupcakes and am sure many more aren’t far behind me.You must truly be a very very proud mum.I am lost for words.Racheal x

  20. cd&m
    17th September 2007 / 10:15 am

    I wouldn’t dare look at my son’s MYSpace pages, under pain of death. Yours sounds so articulate he has obviously picked something up from his parents. No wonder you are feeling proud. BTW does he know about this post?

  21. Tracy
    17th September 2007 / 9:10 am

    wowcannot believe those words came from the pen of a 17 year old.i am off to put a link to you on my post today – as many folk as possible should read this.i stand in admiration – you have a great son xtracy x

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