More Crafty Finds

Look aren’t these little noddy dogs cool, I bought these at last weeks car boot….we went again this morning, this time together – no arguments this week! Its lovely walking around together picking up old bits of enamel and vintage items that you remember from your past – we had a really lovely time, at the moment everything is in the garage, so I will take pictures and show you another time, as we are packing for our holiday…..we will be gone for about a week, leaving our teenage son home alone with Max!

Whenever I am out I can’t resist buying bits of lace and haberdashery pieces, I used to always buy, stamping equipment, but now I am hooked on making bags and crocheting granny squares.

This is another bag I made, with vintage material, I only had a small piece of material but managed to make it just so!

….This is all the things that I picked up at a Second hand market a few weeks ago, I love this style…..sort of pretty shabby chicness is sooo gorgeous don’t you think?

and in the background of this pic is a granny blanket that we picked up on ebay, that has actually got me started on teaching myself to crochet….I am taking my crocheting on holiday with me…so will be able to show you more of that when we get back….oh yes and sorry for another doggy pic….Max is such a ‘show off’ !!!!

Speak to you all again when we get back…..and Ill show you some pics of our travels – love to you all X

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