We miss you – Princess Diana Concert

Hi Gals – We went to the Diana concert a few Sundays ago and I must say we had a brilliant and tearful time…I don’t know whether any of you watched it, but I have got to say the atmosphere was most moving – Princess Diana was such a lovely lady and so kind to everyone that she met. It was such a tragedy…for us all to of lost her at such a young age…I have included this video into my blog, you really must view it. My kids were so excited that P Diddy was going to be singing and to be honest I wasn’t really that bothered about him (not knowing or listening to his music at all) but when he came out and started singing, dedicating his rendition of ‘Every breath you take’ to Diana and the Princes, there wasn’t a dry eye in the stadium!

Everyone was standing up with their hands in the air…and the Gospel choir behind, well! need I say more! (I love Gospel) this was my highlight of the whole concert….I will never forget it, I had tears streaming down my cheeks, as did everyone, and the things that he said, well, they were lovely. We have watched it again since and it still makes me tearful.

The whole event was stunning! with tributes and film….and it was so cool to see the Royal Princes dancing and enjoying themselves….do please take the time to watch this video, P Diddy ROCKS!!…….

Love Happy x



  1. pedalpower
    18th July 2007 / 3:21 am

    Looks like it was a wonderful time and a great tribute. It still seems amazing that she is gone…even all these years later.

  2. Happy @/*_*@
    16th July 2007 / 12:03 am

    Hi carol – I know, the concert was so moving. what was great though, was the fact that, the audience kept doing mexican waves and the Princes & Co were all joining in, they are really in touch with the people – Diana would of been so proud of her sons! – luv happy xx

  3. Carol
    15th July 2007 / 2:23 pm

    Oh my I’ve watched your lttle video earlier and was all in tears! This is so emotional and touching *sigh*!

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