I have just got to say what a lovely gals all of you are, I know I havn’t said thanks or written to you all personally – I wished I had the time too, because you folks are so lovely…..Fred and I look forward to the evenings when we sit there side by side on the couch with our feet on the poofee and laptops on our laps….we read all of your lovely comments, and it is a true pleasure. Its great, as well checking out all your lovely Etsy shops, there are soooo many talented gals out there, so creative and interesting, it really has opened up our world, to realise that you lot are out there, we really do appreciate you kind comments – having your own blog is like having your own magazine column isn’t it!….its so much fun!

….And I really have to thank Yvestown, for writing the first blog about Fred’s World, Thankyou Yvonne, Your blog is the reason we got into all of this, Fred found you when he was searching for Cath Kidston, and found you blog so interesting and told me about the way your husband hurry’s you around….thats just like Fred and me! we are soo glad that we have found you and indeed all of you……it has been and will continue to be the greatest pleasure talking and keeping in touch with you all – Luv happy @/*-*@ xx



  1. Angel Jem
    17th September 2007 / 4:19 pm

    I love blogging, I love having new friends & I hope you don’y mind if I put you both on my sidebar?

  2. Charmingdesigns
    19th July 2007 / 6:14 pm

    Loved reading your blog. Will be putting you under favorites so I can go back and read your earlier entrys. Laurie

  3. Mary
    16th July 2007 / 4:33 pm

    HelloIve just caught up with your blog. I agree about the weather we get a few hours that look like summer and then its back to autumn. Lets hope August will be better I have given up on this month

  4. Yvonne
    16th July 2007 / 12:21 pm

    Thank you so much for being here!! It’s lovely to read your blogs and to visit your world and have some guilt free peeking inside your home LOL!!

  5. Anonymous
    16th July 2007 / 12:24 am

    Hi steph, we nearly bought a tent on ebay, but then we decided to buy one from Whitstable instead!…and since we have purchased it we have had disgusting weather, I am most upset! although ours is a Coleman tent (I would highly recommend it!) and is american so it is built for extreme weather conditions., but I would sooner the weather get a little dryer before we attempt another break!..I think what ill have to do is wear my viscose tunic, because everytime i choose to wear it (if it looks a tad overcast in the morning) it turns out really hot and i sweat like a pig in it!…that might help with the warmer weather!…we are on a basin, we live in Chatham Kent, near the dockyard – we do live on an island so the water runs out to sea, the only way that we would flood, is if it came up through our drain system, so the rest of chatham would have to be flooded as well, which actually could happen! when we moved in we were given plenty of procedures, just in case that ever does happen. The campsite does have a website, I can’t remember what it is called now, but if you check out Fred’s blog (fred’s world) he has got a link to their website – luverly talking to you – keep in touch – luv happy @/*_*@ xx

  6. Steph A
    15th July 2007 / 2:24 pm

    Hey Happy, thanks for sharing your thoughts on your blog. Up here in Yorkshire we are having peculiar weather too – the rain is threatening more floods this afternoon and we’ve just got our campervan back and I’m bidding on tents on ebay!! Hmmm, maybe we’ll just end up taking afternoon tea in the van outside the house instead if it doesn’t pick up!!I got an email from the Happy Camper website on Friday requesting we all think sun and we might get some. We did get some yesterday so maybe we’ll have to think up some more sun for ourselves.Are you at risk of floods – your lovely veranda looks v close to water!Does the campsite you went to have a website?Kindest regards,Steph

  7. Rubyred
    15th July 2007 / 7:38 am

    Hi Happy,Love your blog and Fred’s,found them through Yvestown.Anyway I’ve been tagged and now I have to find 8 people to tag,so I’d like to tag you and Fred.You just have to tell us 8 random facts about yourself and then chose 8 people to do the same!I found that once you start writing, you could go on and on!

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