How Cool – I’ve been tagged!


Hi girls, I have been tagged by Rubyred (thanks ;p) so now I have to list 8 things about myself and then tag another 8 of my wonderful new blogging pals, so here goes :-

1. Fred and I are both only children and we met on a TV blind date show, run by London Weekend Television, with Michael Aspel and Danny Baker, held at ‘The Hippodrome’ back in 1986…and although he wasn’t the partner they matched me up with, we started dating and ‘The Sun’ run an article on us called ‘Happy Rejects’!!!….we got married in 1987 and have been together ever since.

2. I can’t swim! I never learnt as a child although my dad did try hard to teach me, I developed my mums fears, and then when I was 16, I was on holiday in Spain and a guy run up behind me and pushed me into the deep end of the pool! I nearly drowned and cut my leg severely and was rushed to hospital. So after that I formed a worse fear and have never learnt since!

3. I have a sweet tooth….my favourites are the cappuccino chocolates in Thornton’s….and we have a Thornton’s in our outlet centre, just at the end of our road…which is not very good for my waistline or my teeth!

4. I like staying up late! you see I never get time to myself anymore. Fred is at home all the time, due to his Ehler Danlos and we home educate our daughter britt, so during the day its all natter natter….so I like time to myself when everyone else is asleep. (blogging time!)

5. I say the most stupid things without thinking, when I am in a large crowd and there is a moment of silence!…I have tried to give this terrible habit up, but I forget!…..I have been known to say ‘do you think Nelson ever sunbathed’ and ‘How much is an L reg caravan’ and the crowd has roared with laughter – I often have to say ‘I knew that!’ and ‘I was only joking!’

6. As I am getting older, I am developing a fear of Escalators, they do not make them like they used to, I have decided! They used to have a long flat bit to step on before the initial ‘free fall’ but now most of them just go straight down with only one step to step on! so usually when we go to our local shopping centre, I hover at the top with a long crowd behind me! and get all giddy and then back away – isn’t it terrible!

7. I am always humming! my nan used to hum, so I definitely get this from her, she also used to play the mouth organ! oh how I miss her! she was always so jolly….she used to pass me sweets under the table, when my mum wasn’t looking!….I wonder whether this is the reason why I want a Hummer jeep!…..ONLY JOKING!

8. I am sure that I have been here before, because I find the I am quite knowledgeable on alot of subjects, that I didn’t know that I knew, do you get my drift!….Like I definitely think that I have been a hairdresser in another life, because I seem to know alot about it, although the techniques that I talk about, wouldn’t of been around back then….still whatever subject I talk about in depth…I always say that I have been it! in another life! Strange! I had my fortune told once by a lady called Rita, that used to run my local launderette (she ironed shirts to perfection!) and she told me that Fred and I were soul mates and that I had lived 8 lives before this one!….funny how I had to write 8 things about myself!

Thanks Rubyred for tagging me – I have really enjoyed it and I could go on, but I have to get up early tomorrow and look at the time!



  1. Angel Jem
    17th September 2007 / 4:23 pm

    Love the idea of open mouth, put foot in. (especially the ‘L’reg caravan!) Don’t you think life would be boring if we engaged brain before using mouth, though? (Speaking as one who can silence a room if the humour is on me)

  2. Sugar Bear
    18th July 2007 / 8:26 pm

    Hi!I just found your blog and your husband’s. Love both! I’m adding you to my favorites and hope you’ll pop over to see me some time.Karla

  3. Mary
    17th July 2007 / 11:23 pm

    HiLove your random facts. I understand the escalator thing Its the coming down bit I have a fear of toppling over and killing someone on the way down!!

  4. Lallee
    17th July 2007 / 7:10 pm

    I don’t have a fear of escalators anymore, but I sure did terribly as a child. Particularly getting on the up ride part. I thought all those mechanical looking teeth would eat me or something. My mother would try each time, and then finally take me to the elevator.

  5. Ariadne Green
    17th July 2007 / 3:53 pm

    Hi Hayley, What an inspiring and out of this world story about how you and your soul mate met. I am the author of a new book titled Divine Complement, all about true soulmates and would love to post your little story on my site for readers to enjoy. My book is based on 200 interviews of soul mates, gathering the stories of the seredipity and magic that brought them together. I am sure that when other’s read your little story they will be as amazed as I was. I hope you will bet a copy of Divine Complement and visit my site at http://www.ariadnegreen.comBless you Ariadne Green

  6. Rubyred
    17th July 2007 / 6:33 am

    Hi Hayley,Glad you enjoyed being tagged!I really enjoyed reading them, especially about how you and Fred met,what a lovely story!

  7. Vicki
    17th July 2007 / 1:49 am

    Hayley, Thank goodness you are back. I have been checking and checking…it’s like knocking on the door when you know the people are home and they don’t answer! You and Fred have been just lovely to me. You are both such natural writers. Vicki at Hollyhocks.

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